New features proposal for comets and space debre


I have a proposal to be considered. A unique way for mining ,gas harvesting, and even salvaging. As a older player my time is limited, however I am a breed of player which enjoys exploring, mining and salvaging. The experience upon finding salvage left behind is very enjoyable ( ninja salvaging ). The same experience can be said for exploration. Casual mining lacks this experience, in fact most find it the lest rewarding. Here I would wish to add comets and passing space debris into the game. These objects move extremely fast or very slowly. They are comets extruding harvestable gases to objects of harvestable ice or minerals. The same can be said of clumps of space garbage which has collected into a mass and propelled into the cosmos.

Whatever the objects are the character in the ship must scan down the object, warp to the object, and harvest it. However these objects come with possible damaging effects from npcs living on the rocks/space debris ( drones) to possible exploding gases or other player to contend with. This concept creates a entertaining way to harvest resources using exploration with a dash of randomness to create new experiences.

Thank you for reading.


Сomets and asteroid flows can originate outside of regions and fly their own course (dozen ly from K-space). You can only scan them with athanor tatara module and send a squad to change it movement direction . May be with a mine explosion on its surface that inflicts on its spin direction. So PvP players could get an arena for N vs N subcap fighting. Miners - minerals and ice. CCP - tool for controlling the amount of resources generated in universe.
May be rorqual be needed in an industrial mode to maintain the bridge between K-space and Comet.

Comets or asteroids of interstellar origin would be interesting. Currently there are no ore sites to be scanned down using probes. Combining ice, gas and ore could be interesting as well. A good place for some nice scenery too.

I think it would be a good mechanic to distribute some small amounts of primarily null-sec ores into high(?) and low sec, not enough to destabilise whatever resource distribution scheme CCP will implement but enough for a nice payday.

And very entertaining.

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