Adding Comets as a mining target and beautifying Eve

Just an idea, how about adding comets to the game and not just for show. You could have them appear at random in different systems all around New Eden. Because they are rare, you could make them super valuable targets for miners. They could be a rare target that produces both rare minerals and ice. That could make it a very enticing to mine, and, of course, be beautiful to look at. Honestly, I’m surprised Eve doesn’t already have comets in game.

Let me know what you think.


Would be up for that. Triggered a memory of it being talked about in the old forums and found it


The giant rocks used in abyss for scenery would be fitting size I gues.But how do we mine it?Should it move?

As the comet stray closer to a system star, the ice on it will start to melt, liberating trapped minerals accumulated over the centuries of life of said comet. Those could be left behind in a new anomaly, where the rocks would not be packed in a ball formation but stretched in a more elliptical form.

That would mainly cover the mineral part, and some of the ice could be left behind too.


i like this idea, for mining you will have to orbit. this will allow the comet to continue moving while you mine.
As it ventures closer into the system as Sasha mentioned it will melt. The tail can be gas harvestable?

Maybe like belt ratting you can have random NPC’s come along to investigate allowing for mobile ratting ha.


Its a brilliant idea! And its also like you read my mind! In fact I think this is simply how ice belts (should be ice FIELDS) should operate. I really hate contrivance, and having ice just appear somewhere like a freaking ghost is just plain contrived. Of course the problem is that stellar objects don’t move in Eve as far as I know. But still, you should make this a formal proposal to the CSM. The game needs all the help it can get to move away from being an ocean of submarines pretending to be in space, to some real outer space mechanics and concepts.

That said I favor the idea that the comet simply leaves stuff behind ie ice fields. I think CCP would take one look at the complexity of having ships attempt to orbit and mine a moving comet and say no way.


I like the idea of more dynamic content like this. If there were some resources only obtainable in any substantial amount through these ‘comets’ it might breathe new life into mining gameplay beyond sitting in a rorqual all day & night.

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The problem I have with a moving comet is that even Interceptors couldn’t keep up with it. It’s a celestial body that accumulated speed and couldn’t be slowed down in the vacuum of space, it could be hard to follow it. And since the only mining ships with good mobility are the Venture and Expedition Frigates, it would be way too hard to keep up.

On another note, it could be nice if the comet simply left behind anomalies. The closer the anomalies are to the sun, the bigger and more interesting the rocks inside will be, as bigger chunks of ice would have melted by the proximity to the star.

That’s a really interesting idea that could break the monotony of miners, transforming some of them in comet hunters and then selling the informations to their fellow miners, or simply keeping all the good rocks for themselves (if they aren’t bothered). It could even introduce more PVE opportunities, since Empire, Pirate Cartels or even Sleepers/Drifters could be interested by something as rare as a comet going through a mapped system !


Sasha Viderzei I agree that no EVE ship could realistically keep up with a realistic comet. However, it would be far from the first contrivance in EVE to simply slow it down. That said, again, I think the comet dropping anomalies is far more feasible.

I once considered the concept of having more mining anomalies that need probed down rather than being warpable from the start by merely opening the probe scanner/anomaly window. However, I have a suspicion that this would be seen as giving miners an extra layer of protection against suicide gankers…so I think you can expect bitter opposition to the idea.

Agreed. To be honest, Mining outside of belts has always been done with anomalies, and sincerely its pretty good like that. Miners would have to reship to get a scanning frigate, and it would also add a layer of protection against attacker’s.


Actually I can probe in my Orca just fine! I personally like the idea of needing to probe down mining sites at least sometimes because it will increase cooperation and communication between players as well as slow down the one man mining fleets (maybe). But like I say, I don’t think the extra protection thing will go down well.

Thanks! How do you make a formal proposal to the CSM?


That is a good question I can’t really answer. However I have seen posts in the Council of Stellar Management section of this forum marked [Proposal] and I assume that is one way…although probably not the best.

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Here is another suggestion for comets:

Basic game concept:

Comets come from the interstellar space or Deep space beyond the heliosphere of a solar System, there best goodies are burried beneath layers of “dirty ice”. To get there they have to be forced out from under the thick shell of dirty ice.
Comets are gigantic they are between huge asteroids and moons in the size charter.
Comets aren’t stable like asteroid belts less than anomalies they appear once per month or even less and stay only for a specific time - three to seven days - in a System after this time they disappear into the interstelar realm again.


a coment has two or three layers of different ores.

Layer one is dirty ice this is a ice that when refined returns ice products mixed with tritanium.

Layer two is composed of highsec ore variants.

Layer three or the core is composed of variants of null ores as well as moon ores.

While the upper layer or outer shell can be excavated with a simple ice harvester, to gain Access to the deeper layers the comet has to be blown open. Depending on the place the blowing operation manages to get to layer two or layer three creating a belt of ice asteroids and asteroids of the ores within layer two or the core.

The blowing Operation is done by anchoring a comet drill a mobile depot sized structure at close to the Comet and Setting it of, the Comet drill evaporates during the blow out event. The drill itself can reach a certain level of deepness below the crust, maybe five kilometers.

For a mining team to find a good spot a new Kind of survey scanner is needed or a new survey scanner probe that is deployed on the comet. It revels in a d-scan like angle what can be found until a deepnes of Five Kilometer at that specific place.


Ice from out of town could be fun :slight_smile:

Comets move quick, like rogue 'roids.

You’d need to slow it down.

Shoot it with a titan to break it up? You’d then get rocks flying in various directions.

If shot it then turns into 3-4 loot fields that are more like Moon Mining grids ( after the chunk of moon is detonated ).

3-4 anomalies go down. With stuff from out of town.

That could be fun.

I also like the idea of moving rocks ( a moving anomaly ), as whatever survives that doomsday shot will be smaller yet still mine-able. With Moon Mining being dominated by Rorqs more and more having moving rocks means the barges & little guys can get in on the action more. Indie Cores would not be an option.

Why yes, I do fly with Brave :wink:

Could be fun indeed, however I’m not too fond of using the Titan thingy, it would simply lock something else to smaller entities that can’t simply field a Titan just to blow up a rock…

New Ice Anomalies? Why not

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