PI Planets - New Game Suggestion

I wouldn’t mind a single-player game, like a simpler Dysons Sphere, that interfaces with PI extraction. Using a contract interface between the 2 programs for hotspot sales. Dyson’s Sphere Program is a little too intense for me, but I would enjoy seeing a replica of high-sec space that I can zoom around in and manage resource extraction on planets.

I feel like I’m missing something here, but isn’t a Dysons Sphere a very advanced science fiction idea of harvesting the majority of a sun’s energy?

I think that’s a bit too advanced for the technology in EVE. To be fair, the Triglavians tried a tiny version of it with lasers, but even that doesn’t come close to blocking out the energy of the sun.

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yah the technology of New Eden is honestly quite crude compared to other Space universes. Star trek would honestly blow the 4 empires away XD

Maybe CCP ( PA ) should contact CSS about merging Satisfactory into Eve :smiley: