PI Planets - New Game Suggestion

I wouldn’t mind a single-player game, like a simpler Dysons Sphere, that interfaces with PI extraction. Using a contract interface between the 2 programs for hotspot sales. Dyson’s Sphere Program is a little too intense for me, but I would enjoy seeing a replica of high-sec space that I can zoom around in and manage resource extraction on planets.

I feel like I’m missing something here, but isn’t a Dysons Sphere a very advanced science fiction idea of harvesting the majority of a sun’s energy?

I think that’s a bit too advanced for the technology in EVE. To be fair, the Triglavians tried a tiny version of it with lasers, but even that doesn’t come close to blocking out the energy of the sun.

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yah the technology of New Eden is honestly quite crude compared to other Space universes. Star trek would honestly blow the 4 empires away XD

Maybe CCP ( PA ) should contact CSS about merging Satisfactory into Eve :smiley:


Imagine a special ship type that can actually fly around the planets surface so that you can get more up close and personal to your PI. I too would like to see some more PI advancements. I also like to imagine being able to rig your command centers, give them capacitor and fit your other buildings with active modules that you could also set to timers, similar to the extraction timers, but with cooldowns that you have to time correctly.

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