Proposal 2 CCP: Dyson Sphere in Eve

What if nullsec would require Dyson Sphere structure for some things?

Dyson Sphere wiki

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And this (apart from looking interesting and costing isk) would accomplish what? What value would it add to the game?

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Well, in SF that structure is used to collect energy. Maybe for some operations on citadels.
Maybe on siege, to get additional power to fill some citadel’s weapons. Or manufacturing.
This would give a direction to use starts to gather energy, not just fuel from production.

Your ideas?

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If only CCP could figure out how to make different grids in the same system run on different nodes, it’d be a good way to split fleets.

Make the Dyson sphere/ring/array power sov hubs and structures, attacking it and meeting a certain dps floor would prevent it from sending power out or something. But unfortunately, not useful for that right now…

Could also be interesting as a fuel replacement. You can either use fuel every hour, or make a large initial investment and not have to fuel your structure. The more there is in space, there more can be destroyed!

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This is the beginning of an idea. Needs fleshing out. Simply acknowledging the theory of a dyson sphere is redundant. It’s not news.

How does it work? What is the power for? How is it different from fuel made from planets and ice? Where does the risk/reward fit with the rest of the game?


Malcanis law.

Those that are already rich put down the dyson spheres and can protect them. They save billions in fuel each month, getting even richer.

Poor stay poor.

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Hey, let’s build a wall…

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The biggest difference I see with this compared to normal structures is only 1 would be able to be built and it would have to be built around the sun so no structure spew everywhere.

“i don’t know why but add this”

is never good

And where would the resources to build it come from? Do you have any idea how many star systems would have to be destroyed just to build one Dyson sphere? Every ship and station that has ever been built in Eve would probably only be enough to make a large station in orbit of the star, and that’s just for a dwarf star like our own sun. Dyson spheres are a cool idea, but just to casually say that we should be able to build one means you haven’t the slightest idea what would be involved.


Yea I could only really imagine one being built around a very ancient space fairing civilization as their home as it would take massive amounts of resources (law wise.) but even that wouldn’t make sense as it’s bettter to not keep all egg’s in one basket unless that civilization want’s to meet its end rather quickly xD.

Here’s the other problem… People hate structure grinds for SOV… And yet here is an idea that adds a huge structure. How would it be captured, repaired, transferred? Would it add more of a grind?

On a more scientific front… So you build a giant sphere to collect the light of the sun… Wouldn’t this greatly alter the solar system? No light for photosynthesis, no light to regulate circadian rhythms? No solar wind which may make some planets more inhabitable, but who knows what other impact.

There is a lot to work out on this idea beforw it can even become anything.

EVE is obviously not concerned with scarcity of resources. There are the entirely normal " ore anomalies" of NS, ice belts that spawn more the faster you mine them out and even asteroid belts that regenerate themselves. And now moons that somehow refill the craters we create so it’s ready to be extracted next week, etc.

Even then, you’d probably build a swarm of solar extractors that orbit the planet, so it can use as little resources as you want and scale up from there. This would also make it so temperate/ocean planets don’t suddenly turn into ice ones! (side note, I don’t think the solar winds are great for anything, except irradiating our astronauts, creating pretty aurora and once in a while messing up power grids).

Switch the “must keep structure fuelled” grind to another siege, why not? And if it’s a swarm, it can be made pretty flimsy (ex.: only shields and structure, no armor on the swarms) so it’s not much of a grind. This would increase the risk of destruction too, reducing the “rich get richer, poor stay poor” problem. It would be the obvious first thing to destroy when attacking a system, so people who rely on it would have to replace often enough. You only need to make it worth it if it is well defended, as opposed to worth it if it is destroyed too often. Make it a structure that you only build when you are confident about ~100% winning timers a system.

I’m actually ok with this proposal, provided the entire alliance/corporation has to relocate inside it, we can then seal it up and trigger the star to explode.

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Well, the sphere can be built initially just from 1 stripe around.
Then the entire sphere can be upgraded from bunch of stripes together - something like ancient relic sites have - circular stripes around the container

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You’re vastly underestimating things. A dreadnought, the nag for example, is over 5 kilometers tall. That dwarfs the ISS by a vast 50:1 ratio. Titans are a whole 'nother ballgame, with the ragnarok being eighteen kilometers long. Take into consideration that according to Zkill, there has been a total of 634 Titans lost in the time it’s been tracking kills. The sheer amount of materials involved in manufacturing those hundreds of titans means the volume of tritanium alone is 19.2 billion cubic meters. Think about it, that’s 19,200,000,000 m3.

So let’s see… take the sun for reference because… I like the sun: 6x10^12 km2 surface area, or 6x10^18 m^2.

634 titans times roughly 1.3x10^8 m^3 volume (rough titan volume, assume dyson sphere has the same density as titans for simplicity), that gives about 8x10^10 m^3 of titans.

So to build a sphere exactly at the surface of the sun (which would have other “practical challenges”), taking a “thin shell approximation” (V = 4*pi*r^2*thickness), divide volume by area (and assume 6 = 8, to fit on the napkin I’m using) and we get 10^-8 m thick.

That’s 10 nanometers. That’s a pretty thin shell indeed! So we’re not quite at Dyson sphere capabilities, unfortunately. But Dyson ring? Swarm? Solar extractor? Certainly. The total energy output of a star is ludicrously high any ways, powering up everything in a solar system would require but a fraction of that.

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still haven’s seen any reason other than “wouldn’t it be coolz”


Except for fixes, UI improvements and balance passes, all of which are needed for existing content to work better (because EVE is an old clunker in its way), what other reasons are there for further work than “wouldn’t it be coolz”?

Granted, it could be argued that abyssal pockets cover a gameplay experience (short, intense PvE sessions) which wasn’t covered before, but… they’re essentially a fix to what missions should be. Instead of filaments, they could essentially just be spawned by talking to an agent an warped to as “missions 3.0: agents want you to fight and retrieve artifacts from the new menace”. Anyone pitching abyssal pockets on this forum would have been shot down (especially the instanced part) way harsher than because they had no better reason than “wouldn’t it be coolz”, yet…

So I don’t see the lack of other reasons than “wouldn’t it be coolz” as bad in any way. This forum exists to talk about “wouldn’t it be coolz” idea, see if other nerdz agree that it would be and talk about how it could be implemented.

Looks like it’s not picking up much interest though, so maybe it wouldn’t be “coolz” and we can stop talking about it… (!!) but I, for one, am intrigued (and bored) enough to keep following the topic. It’s not like anyone has a duty as the last one standing between a horrible idea risking to turn into a terrible waste of CCP’s dev time. I don’t expect they follow this forum very closely at all.