Proposal 2 CCP: Dyson Sphere in Eve

Using abyssal space as an example is a bit premature.

Ccp taking shots in the dark like they did with resource wars. We tried to point out the problems…


So you’d fully support an idea of “sell rookie ships that can use doomsdays” if the only reason they gave for it was “because it’d be cool/interesting/awesome/FOTM adjective”? :darkbeerparrot:

Ah, such an intelligent intervention. I sure hope you could guess my answer even as you typed your question. You must be even more bored than me. As I expect you’re fully aware, no, I wouldn’t support it.

I am arguing that the fact that there is no reason for something other than it being cool is not necessarily a strike against it. Of course, if there are significant reasons against something, then “coolz” isn’t worth much and that thing should not happen.

That’s where your “suggestion” fails. Maybe it’d be cool (I don’t think so, but cool, and especially coolz, are personal judgements. You must be that kind of player…), but it is also unbalanced and as such probably shouldn’t happen regardless of how cool(z) you think it is.

The OP’s suggestion is Dyson sphere (or other stellar harvesting options). No further details. I think it’d be cool, he thinks so too, so we are talking about it. Since there is no further detail (except some I added which got rationally criticized), so far it doesn’t have anything going against it. No, “it would take CCP dev time away from XYZ” doesn’t constitute a valuable reason. That’s for CCP to determine and budget. They don’t need us to do it for them. Sometimes they can even be convince that something cool is worth spending time on (ex.: HS and WH moon mining). After all, they should want a game that players think is cool(z).

So, with that hopefully out of the way, can we please get back to discussing how we could make cool(z) stellar harvesters as a structure type that would add to the game without breaking it?
Thanks in advance! o7

Long story short, not gonna happen. But, feel free to continue discussing what will never happen…

If you want some kind if solar harvester, how about an orbiting station like moon mining? It’d certainly be more feasible than a Dyson sphere, and people go there to fight anyway. CCP would have to add some kind of resource to them, of course. I could see a negative in that it would just add more station grinding that’s not needed.

I hate to burst your bubble but the star in a Dyson’s Sphere would be much smaller than our star. It would be more of a small dwarf star.
The theoretical diameter of a Dyson’s Sphere with our star would embody all of the planets in our solar system and the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud in material.

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But it’s just a carbon copy of moon mining. And then there’s the question of what does a sun’s resource do?

Don’t burst my Dyson sphere! :wink:

I wasn’t aware the spheres had to be built around specific stars or keep a certain distance. I guess building it outside the planets has the advantage of not disturbing them. But then, if it would be several AUs in radius, a sphere far around the sun would be even less feasable than one right on top of it, material wise.

As far as smaller stars, I found some red dwarfs at about a tenth of the sun’s radius, but that doesn’t make a sphere very thick either, just 1 micro meter instead of 10 nanometers.

But if you have to build it outside planetary orbits, the star’s size seems irrelevant. The sphere will be enormous and does amount to vastly more than eve has produced. Still, bands, arrays and even single point harvesters could be more feasible.

As for what they’d do… I have a hard time coming up with anything other than getting power (hence my replacing fuel for structures in system suggestion).

Don’t you mean your Dyson bubble?:grin: Don’t get me wrong. The concept of a Dyson sphere is incredibly awesome. Eve even has (or had) one in the lore in relation to the Carolyn’s Star incident. It’s just that once you get into what’s actually required to build one, the design, the resources required are just so mind-boggingly complex and huge that we couldn’t hope to come close to one in several lifetimes.

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Just make sure if this is implemented that the CCP employee who is responsible for typing the name if this thing will not make a typo and turn it into a Dryson Sphere instead… unless this is some secret meta conspiracy to achieve just that… but even then don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine in-game it would be called something else as the name Dyson would be long forgotten as the theorist who came up with the idea. It’d probably be some acronym that spells big ball or something.

Like “D.A.T S.T.A.R” for example?

Edit: It could have the in-game description: “dat is no star, dat’s a space station”. :wink:

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when you click it, it links you to one of his threads at random

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Make it very expensive to place and use it to power a WH generator to Jove Space that can only be activated once per day minimum and used for limited time — ship size limited, Jove instantly hostile, no friendly stations, and you’re stuck there for a specific amount of time. (aka, WH polarized for an hour or so). Make it super difficult and where you can’t live there.

WH also shows on map like a cyno and can be entered by neutrals, same conditions.

—Benefits could be very high-end items from Jove drops.

I always see them on the map and it’d be cool if we could actually get to those systems. A Dyson Sphere could be the only in-game item powerful enough to do this.

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then join an AT team

we’ll, yeah, but then what would I use the dyson sphere for?

Powering your own wormhole entrance generator?)

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I actually like the idea to stabilize a wormhole with a Dyson sphere. A good opportunity to make some large wormhole entities attackable again and really, REALLY angry if you try to stabilize an entrance into their WH and they will do everything to prevent that. Conflict driver.

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system-wide remote cap chargers

it runs on suns… sun mining?