Dyson sphere?

so have an idea for ccp
my idea was to add dyson spheres to the game and have them be super structures that only the biggest alliances can use (tnt goonswarm ect) and make them super weapons that can only be placed in systems with 5 friendly keepstars or more to maintain the beast and have it cost about a trillion isk per sphere and the keepstars can only maintain the dyson sphere and not engage in combat and for the power of the dyson sphere it will be as powerfull as the star it was built on so if the star is a white dwarf it will have very little power and a huge star like a red giant will have the power of about a hundred titans and as for how it will attack it will take the built up power of the start and fire it off in a concentrated beam of plasma that auto targets titans and capital class ships along with stations and will deflect off of the shield of the ship doing minute damage but practically melts ships not leaving behind a wreck to loot and this was all of my ideas for a knew super weapon
-ac130 railgunship

Todays troll post ?

I have an idea, let’s give an amazing defensive weapon to the biggest guys in the game so that no one can ever threaten them again. Because this games needs mechanics that help discourage fights and invasions, and encourage the status quo.

P.S. Vote yes to hard population caps for systems.

Well, let me give a response that isn’t quite as snarky. So, superstructures like this are undoubtedly cool, and would be fun to build for a while, but you also have to think about what effect they will have on balance and game play.


Go back to playing that new factorio.

Just because something looks fancy in other game don’t mean you need to copy it everywhere…

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If you are not trolling … and if you are really serious … then i guess you are a new player … if you so… then please read @Shipwreck_Jones post carefull … hope make sense… if it doesnt then ask further… just in a name of understanding this games eco system and balances / imbalaces better


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