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I was thinking on his idea once again. would anyone support the idea for Colony building? incorporating the games almost non-existent citizens of new eden? kinda think of it as a dulled down simcity where you found a city on planets except people that would need Military(soliders) sanitation services food that player produce so that a colony would

don’t get me wrong, current PI is very helpful. but eve has been changing so much seems like making something like this would give PI a new feel

Edit: no (city building) same general layout the Current PI has

or Kinda like the game stellaris.



Would be cool to see a use for those marines, janitors and other people we find in loot :slight_smile:
Colonies in Amarr space using slaves, exotic dancing halls in Gallente space, etc.

Anything to add to PI would be good. The current system definitely needs some improvements.

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Fair points and oddly convincing, despite my initial skepticism. :slight_smile:

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There was a post similar to this, it was about importing good to planets (temperate), to the “people” on those planets, or exporting goods, getting status with NPC corps who control the system by trading with those planets and raise you standings with them.

I think the factories are suppose to be an automated system if I remember right, since most of the planets are rather non-human friendly atmospheres.

nope. the colonies are environment capable structures which are set down on planets… the routes are actually highways (hence you can upgrade your route, making them wider for product to be transported to the factory, launch pad, silo. the command center is a manned structure which has power and cpu (that’s not automated by the way)…the PI system is programmed, programed to run the chain and output the product…only place where I see automation is fully implemented…

planetary vehicles concludes the realism of PI and the fact that it SHOULD be clear those are people working in ant farm…

perhaps eve should just wipe this system and make it more like sim-city…

I love the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

your colony is on fire and burning down for no fn reason, the people are leaving because not enough jobs but theres more than enough jobs past how far they want to travel which is a few blocks, the sewage is backing up. ah yes my favorite crash and burn game sadly, ended with simcity4

yeah Most planets yes but what is preventing habitation pods for planets. and planets that are toxic maybe that planet can’t this is EVE maybe it can lol

i think we all get the idea that some planet are inhospitable and the PI structure work by automation

but at the same time Look at control towers and how much the rest of eve has changed over the years are you saying that something new that would give the slow running of PI giving it some Life is a bad idea

this could even repurpose control towers think of like a Bus terminal or something. and think of all of the useless items that are in eve.

when as the last time you used a unit of Garbage or Amarrian Wheat lol

Planets can be molded into a way to farm isk. or to produce resources or maybe even way to introduce in space activities if the is a planetary colony insystem. something if you don’t care for it dies out unlike current PI you have a good system setup you leave it for 1-2 years come back “oh look it still work”

edit:“produce resources” ex: Wine, Synthetic Coffee, Tobacco, Plutonium, Quafe<<<< !!!1111

I like this. But this thread needs to be moved by an ISD to P F&I.

Current PI is really bad, not the industry and ISK rewards from it, but the game play, graphics, etc. it needs an improvement. I’m not sure how SimCity I would want my PI, but some unscheduled interaction could be good, your colony could Evemail you about the problems they are having, also if a harvester or factory is idle. You could have to staff your PI with “livestock” that is already in the game, marines to keep order, dancers to boost morale, janitors to clean things up. Maybe the PI colonies could even produce waste, that you either have to deal with on the planet or haul it away (jet can it) before work con continue.

PI should be separate but work alongside this With being revamped

nope cause I saved my PI colony farmed… I pulled out my ccp amex pi card… I never log off without it… so I charged it right on up… delivered some supplies and now… im making my planets great again by building walls and clicking submit atleast a few hundred times.

id rather have the sims integrated with eve online’s Planatary interaction… it wont save the game but it would atleast place some comedy in

it would be too complicated and resource intensive to integrate a SUPER old system any kind with new system don’t you think?

I like this idea.

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