PI=babysitting=i am not playing a game to babysit

I Ask that on planet be converted to a kind of athanor-/extraction/p1 base refine[ keeping the cycle time] that can be fitted and rigged for the gathering over time of the materials and a on planet advanced mfg base that does the p2-p4 work [again keeping the cycle timer].
and proper storage hanger space like a station.
… while not needing to change the current customs office.and the need to import these things via the customs office.
and the command center become the base’s operations powerplant… keeping the upgrade scheme you already have.
please to end this clickbait crying baby setup of PI.

So if you own PI I can then wardec you and blow your PI up?
I mean I’m good with limited PI slots per planet, PI having to be in a Player corp and being able to declare war and destroy other peoples PI. And then it can not need babysitting and maybe even produce a lot more per setup because it will get blown up also.

is that not pretty much the case with pi now with the ownership of customs office’s?
i mean sure all your doing is blocking access is it not?

If someone is prepared to deal with launching it by rocket it doesn’t really do anything, just adds a bit of tedium to it all.

well that needs to stop…as for the 3 ground based items make them the same as about as small citadels on the ground with timers etc and only siege module or bastion module fit ships can shoot them from planetary view…and be on the right side of the planet in range.
same same mechs as we have now in space with caveats for planetary landscape.
also planted/taken up in same kind of way as in space citadels same same rules.
wardec under current rules…means you would be customs station owner…ie planetary ruler which is the point of the customs office and should not be bypassed.
…but anybodys stuff on the ground that has stuff in space should show as fair wardec targets in planetary view…i want to say that the condition of people doing pi without stuff in space probably is a fraction of the pi crowd because fuel blocks and customs costs.

some kind of ground based launchers to shoot back with etc and make it so gunnery can be assumed from planetary view by defender docked up in system with the operations power platform with the gunnery station for gunners of the corp/alliance/access lists . there should be sufficient damage potential to drive off or kill any single attacker with the right launchers ie like 3 capital or 3 subcapital mr launchers…bombs and neuts just wont work from planetside or most of the other mods except cap batterys and hardener bcu/sig amp/missle precision items mabey target painters
throw in the ground crew things from the things generated list like scientists and factory workers etc

Or you could, you know, UNDOCK and pick up the stuff yourself???

Maybe you would also like an NPC to deliver it, safely, to Jita?


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I like PI the way it is now, fighting over the customs office is already there . And trying to get max production out of your planets requires a lot more active management from my side then just babysitting. It actually takes me months of (daily) finetuning to pump out the bigger amounts of ISK.

what do you mean? you would have to undock with these things of some value and go there to land them…unlike current command centers .
and i spent over a year coming up with the most un-needy pi setup poss. and probably spent /a considerable sum testing setups and wiping them…only it does not work because storage silos do not work properly…i have 58k end storage on my setups launchpad terminal and 4 storage in line and the end mats routed thru all of them to the terminal pad …which should bunker up the storage silos once it is full…but it does not.
just dam sick of the clickbait bs system of it i want proper onplanet hangar storage that works.

3 standard setups max command center upgrades needed
1 single point extractor: extractor module 10 active heads gathering storage 10x basic p1 factory p1 storage launchpad…this is ok for planets up to 13km radi

2 2 input p3 factory : 2 landing pads split feeding 4 clusters of 3 storage p1 input feeding 4 p2 factories output to 2 p2 storageoutput p3 factory input 1 p3 factory output to 4 linked storage to launchpad[lifting]
41k m3 all 4 p1 inputs 12k m3 each p2 midpoint and 58k m3 p3 output storage

3 3 input p3 factory : 3 landing pads split feeding 3 pairs of six p1 input to 6 p2 factories in 3 pairs outputting to 3 p2 storageoutput to 1 p3 factory outputting to 4 storage linked to a launchpad liftoff.
17k m3 storage 6 p1 inputs 12k m3 storage 3 p2 inputs 58k m3 p3 output storage

these factories should be good up to planets of 3000km radi or less

and that folks is the most Un -needy Pi i have ever created in line with and old POS flow thru extraction system with reactors i used to assemble.

this is also full rack p3 production setup for 2 accounts 36 planets 15 p1 extraction 1 each type-source 15 2 input p3 factories and 6 3 input p3 factories 1 each type source

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the above should utterly work…but someone threw the coding stupid wrench into pi storage …for some bloody reason.
but pi was coded for dust interaction as well and since that failed…then i ask for pi ground stations to be upgraded as per my original post to upwell tech. so everything were doing uses the same mechanics…instead of these rats nest seperate systems.
if you had a 3rd account you would add 6 more 3 input factories and then 1 each type of p4 using either of the above factory setups as a logical full rack setup with 4 slots left over for adding a extra felsic magma and reactive metals/water/bacteria mines for the p4 inputs

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i am wondering where the shoot all the things crowd is i thought it would be orbital bombardment yaay!

Counter Suggestion:

A) Planets utilize the Old “District” System from the era of DUST 514, one command center per district is all that is permitted. Forget Anti orbital cannons just use the Satellite beacon you had to warp to and Arm the satellite (or not force people to undock and defend their colonies), Enough to scare off trolls in Ibis or Velators etc. but any serious intent cant be handled.

B) The Old Orbital Bombardment Ammo is re-purposed to target Ground facilities, with 4 charge Sizes now. S, M, L, XL. Same DPS Cap as citadels to avoid destroying a colony to fast, and same number of “Reinforcement cycles” who’s timeframes are both narrow and chosen by the owner, if you want to attack a colony it should be like attacking a citadel and require at least some effort on the aggressors part. Larger ammo naturally does more damage. However requires a bigger ship to be committed. Risk Vs reward now established.

No satellite in wormhole space or optionally make the Satellite a build-able module that you can “Anchor over your Districts” could even be a good use for the soon to be obsoleted POS guns whenever CCP does that.

C) In addition to being used to assess planetary resource deposits remote sensing now allows you to analyze districts for potentially “Hostile” Command centers within your allowed range.

D) Forget the support structures of PI trash it, everything goes through your command center, if you want to upgrade storage you can, if you want more extractors you can, more production lines you can. limited number of upgrades “Slots” effected by command center upgrades skill. And add the launch facility for free PI does nobody any good sitting on the surface because you forgot to add a launch pad and are out of slots.

E) Customs offices remain unchanged, this way planetary “Owners” can still profit from other’s infrastructure if they choose, or destroy unwanted colonies.

F) War dec is required in high sec to partake in shooting colonies, however i don’t believe a player in your corporation owning a colony should immediately constitute war eligibility.

G) I’d just like to point out i have never felt as if i was babysitting, its a few clicks a day when im on my most active accounts a few clicks every few days on my less utilized alts who are set to extract over a much longer period of time anyways. My main has to update every 8 hours, the other every other day just about.

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the idea is to make it less like bloody babysitting work which having to attend it every day is! i should not have to do anything but shift materials once a month or more with the setups iv built…so i can get dam well on with pvp and other things instead of having my nose stuck in planetary overview screens for my limited playing time.
the majority of eve players seem to act like people have unlimited playing time to sit at their comps and play tidly winks with this kind of thing…i do not understand how you all keep apartments or anything without working full time 40 hours a week or more…and even that these days does not net me a an apartment of my own and a car.
so i do not understand how so many players can spend irreplaceable time babysitting PI every other day…and do anything else …like hauling and so on.

I think this is exactly the point, the first battle is with yourself, how much planets can you manage without going nuts and lose your fun in playing EVE. It is the balance on the price of greed. The solution here is not to make PI simpler, but that you should be doing a lot less of it. As you say we want to fly our ships. I am fine tuning now to two planet management rounds a week, one quick reset and one time repositioning and import/ export and there I stop.

Hi all, in my opinion PI is good as it is now but I would like to put thru few visual/graphical improvement ideas, to improve team coordination on planets.

  1. Would it be possible to add mesh to planets, something like in this picture
  2. Would It be possible to improve visibility of other player PI, possible to see all setups at once. Also would be great to add color codes just like standing system.
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What do you think CEO’s do in real life, they baby sit a factory don’t they?

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I can make courier contracts for 100k isk that get delivered, I don’t care if its by bots or humans its practically free. It might as well be NPC delivery at that rate.

I would like to point out that just because something happens IRL doesn’t mean it should happen in-game; there’s a lot of boring-but-necessary stuff that happens in the real world we wouldn’t want to have in a game because games are supposed to be fun. Generally speaking, if a game is boring then it’s not a very good game.


145 clicks on average to setup a planet. you need a lot of characters and planets to have an effective PI setup. is it worth the AIDS that is the setup and the click fest character management that comes with shuffling? Id rather write TPS reports. PI sucks and it needs a complete redesign. IT should be one colony per account with more meaningful interaction and specializations.

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