Proposed PI changes

For me they do, because in between those 6 clicks I get to see the current yield rates, extractor head and resource locations.

This means that this process allows me to adust extractor heads, if I want to. Usually I don’t, but those clicks in between allow me that choice.

If I just had to push a button ‘reset all’ I wouldn’t notice all those things.

Just like I wouldn’t notice different ores in an asteroid belt if I could tell my mining drones to ‘mine all’. Less effort indeed, but I’m not sure if it’s making gameplay better.


Would it be bad to have both?

Not really, but I would much prefer the current reset flow to be more streamlined.

If I could check current yield rates, resource locations and reset like I can do now, but

  • with fewer doubleclicks (add option to ctrl click or something?) and
  • more importantly, without interfaces popping up at the wrong place where I’m trying to doubleclick,

I’d be much happier.

At least allow ‘Corp Members’ collection access to the planets.
I work for a living so i’m not always around to fart about with this stuff.

There again if you run 20+ accounts not a great idea i guess.
But wait !!!.. What about a 'Multi PI Access Pack for i dunno… £/$ 10 per character / per account… oppps, sorry folks (Can’t Code Properly) a.k.a CCP will be jumping on this brilliant idea straight away lol.

PI does need some updating i have two accounts and its alot of clicking…
Its a real shame you cant save your placements and use them on different planets.

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Oh man having presets would be so damn nice

PI needs some love for sure. It works, but it’s so very basic and feels like advanced features are somewhere on a shelf

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Yes we are the slaves of micro management

Preset save options is so very needed

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In the end PI is a the ultimate AFK isk farm, what miniscule difficulty remains doesn’t need to be removed.


What if we could select a planet, place a command center and the chosen goods (amount based on skills) are automatically delivered to a station of my choosing?

Sounds like it would save a lot of clicking!


It’s not serious. Moon mining is more automated. One click automatically :wink: AFK for 30 days. Mined for a few hours after that. Few bilion profit. Better than PI, but only with 1 click.

I’m talking about increasing the enjoyment of the game, not a pointless click

2 wrongs don’t make a right.

If I think a bit more, I can find not 2 but 20 or 200 more. But it is a spaceship game with a lot of computers inside. Main purpose of the computers is to automate basic jobs and players to be more creative how to use it, not just to click.

To give you 2 more :slight_smile:

Rorqual mining and market monopol in game.

Keepstar in Perimeter doesn’t need a click at all if we are talking for AFK profit and ISK making :wink:

All the big alliances protect the trade hubs. They are unkillable. But they are in “war” to each other outside the market :wink:

I don’t want to fix the game. I like to build staff and I use a lot of PI and I know the problems there.

Introduce orbital artillery, a player structure that can be used to blow-up other people’s CCs on the planet, so whoever controls an orbital artillery around the planet controls the max resource flow possible to them and their allies.

sounds great, i would also love some umm limited version PI for alphas as to just hmm enable them to see what it’s about, after all the more things alpha can “test out” the higher possibility that he’ll be tempted into going omega for all the “possibilities” there are .

Maybe you need to spell check before you go posting insults ???