PI setups

Could we have a skill that allows us to save PI setups ( how we lay out the facilities ) say 1 planet base, then levels 1-5 increasing the number of planets you can apply the “setup” to.

Then allow us to use these setups to quickly assemble PI setups.



Until that time comes for pi setups being saved as a template.

Do a quick search and read the thread titled

Meph’s Magical PI Setups for the interminablyLAZY


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this might actually make me do PI.

I have 13 alts that can run 5 planets each, and I simply shudder at the concept of setting up another PI chain ever again.

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Almost just like I set mine up.

Just multiply it by 60.

Also need the following in PI

1, Need a Goto or Next button which lets you rotate round your mining objects on the planet.
2, Let you change the size of the objects so there are easier to find.

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Each planet is going to have a different setup to optimize it, this would be pointless.
The more resources you extract per node the less nodes you need and the more factories you can have, It’s rare that more than 30% of my planet’s look the same.

If you are doing the same build on every planet you are loosing 30% efficiency.

What I would like to see is to be able to save multiple factory setups (Templates, if you will), routings and all, so I can switch between production targets quickly and with less errors. Going from my Nanite paste setup to the L2/L3/L4 production lines and back again is a real Challenge, and I ALWAYS seem to get something screwed up in the process.

Did you test the post? In a search for the post, says not found… Go figure…

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Hmmm maybe that’s because….”we are the Frostpacker and high expectations are futile? “@Uriel_the_Flame

quote=“Gold Fingure, post:8, topic:453188, username:Gold_Fingure”]
Did you test the post? In a search for the post, says not found

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You can’t save a setup for something that is supposedly ‘dynamic’.

I guess if you are leaving extractors out of the equation, you could have a core hub save…

Yeah, CCP. Why wasn’t this a thing from day one?

This is like Nintendo releasing their charging dock for JoyCons 7 years after release and mere months before the system becomes entirely obsolete…

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Exactly, ie most Barren and Temperate planets would be setup for T4/T3 80% of the time and my guess 20% would be extracting along with T2, perhaps even T3 for those small adjustments to meet the T4 JIT requirements.

Saved Templates could be a selling point in the *Next PI overhaul *?