Suggested PI changes (i dont know where to put these)

i run 52 planets. so i know clicks…
i just got back from takin a break so i hope i am not too late with these suggestions.

we already have a system in order to drop the amount of clicks dramatically. look at the ships “saved fittings” area. if i setup a planet (lets call it an extraction planet), i should be able to right click/ save the setup in the pi window. then i could drag the fitting into chat or have corp PI window just like corp fittings.

another simple thing to do is have a “route all” feature.
a typical extraction planet has 1 extraction head feeding a spaceport (used for storage as well). from there, it feeds 10 processors.

  1. go to corp PI window and click “moles extraction planet”. install it at the desired location on planet.
  2. i should be able to click a processor and click “schematics-all”. then hold control and click on every processor i want to run that schematic.
  3. then, i should be able to route the incoming p0 to the space port then click on the space port incoming and click “route-all”. after that, hold control button and click every processor i want it routed to.
  4. after that, i would click on a processor, find the p1 material and click “route-all” and and then control/select every processor you want to route back to the spaceport.

for those who waste time and run dual extractors, the setup doesnt matter because you wont change a processor unless you click on it while holding control.

the corp window only saves buildings and lines. i have an upgraded line between space port and extractor. it would save things like that. wouldnt save schematics, those are specific to each planet (of course)…

what is that, 20 clicks? having a planet saved to corp fittings would really help the new guys (or us older guys who have 50+ planets when we move) to get setup and running in a couple days. it takes me a couple weeks with the 300 click way. if i had a planet i could save, then it would be 1 to install it, and 15-20 more to have the whole thing up and running. youd have to setup the extractor heads and route the p0, but the rest would only take 20 clicks (or so).
from 300-30? thats 90% savings in new mice every year… =)
plus, i wouldnt have to go to physical therapy for my finger any more.

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Have you seen the coming changes to PI? It addresses a lot of the PI setup issues. The one thing that’s not on the list is saved PI setups. That’s actually what I’d most like to see.


i have. they said they dropped it from 300ish to 180ish. nice start. ill take 180 for an initial setup, then save it. =)

then make 20 for the 2nd-45th planet

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i think a route-all feature would be sweet.

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What I would like is to have the option to save your PI schematics as templates say you move to a new space and what to have the same setup you just hit load template and it will setup your production facilities. This would extremly helpfull for P1-P4 production planets.

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