Allow saving PI builds to quickly rebuild or share

We can save ship fittings and overview settings to quickly reload or to share with others. It would be nice to have a similar “Save” mechanism for PI builds. Such that I could build out a planet, then save that design to quickly rebuild it on any other planet (Or link it to another pilot so they could “one click build” a planet.

This would mean I could build (and save) different PI build outs and remove pretty much the worst part of PI…Building a new planet.

CCPlease! Give me PI templates!

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they have been ignoring this suggestion for years now, maybe one of these days…

I fully agree with you. This feature would be nice and i am sure it would lift the pi usage to a never seen level.

While I like this idea (and past similar ideas) there might be a technical issue:

Planet sizes cause routes to use different amounts of power. This means the same “layout” on a small planet might not actually work on a larger planet such as a gas giant.

Of course they could just warn you of that and either disable the routes if the “fit” doesn’t work on that planet size or disallow the placement completely if it’s over on resources.

As a PI user this is why I don’t like such automation. I don’t mind investing some time to set up my planets if I can make relatively low effort ISK after that.

But if anyone can set up PI without effort, it also means the pay is going to be near 0.

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