Planetary Interaction improvements

Can we get a planet template, just like a ship fit that we can just place on the planet. Also, from the main planetary screen I would like a button to just restart everything rather than having to go restart each one. Sometimes I dont want to move the extractor heads and just restart everything.

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There is a “rumor” that ccp is going to nerf PI with the mindset that PI stands for passive income? Meh… Maybe this could some kind of consolation prize if they do, As much as I like the idea, I would rather have them leave PI alone and still setup the hard way than another of ccp’s attempts to balance anything.

Source please.

Duh! That’s why I said


Setting up the planet is what deters a lot of people from doing PI. Regularly resetting heads and hauling the stuff is another.

I’ll gladly set up my own planets if it means less competition and thus higher pay for my PI work.

@MB_ThePhotographer @Giddy_McFee

Some kind change regarding PI seems to be coming.

OZ: OK, and PI well PI is interesting right because PI is something that had the prices crash. In one reason is less structure in space, one reason is I guess more people doing PI because the other ISK making opportunities aren’t as lucrative anymore. State of PI? Do you have, its part of the ecosystem do you have a opinion on it?

Rattati: first of all it could be so much more, and I have big fantasies about what PI could be. As a, I’m a fairly big 4x player, and I think there are things we could do for PI that, like, it just has potential. PI is definitely some of the PI resources are gonna have an increased demand, soon.


Rattati: So higher value for sure.

OZ: Oh you can’t, yes ok, that’s a good one, that’s a good one to drop here. Haha, that’s gonna drive up prices, you can watch the prices go up hahaha.

Rattati: If you speculate, you speculate, I take no responsibility.


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