HOW to improve PI

Every so often some of us hope Devs will read our posts and say ,Hey thats a good idea. Here is my attempt for this year.
Although some really great ideas to make PI better such as being able to cut and paste a setup to a different location or even a different planet, i am not looking for anything that wonderful.
It has been frequently asked if we can do our extractor resets with a single keystroke. to elaborate.
presently we have to find the extractor head on the planet (harder to do now with the improved planet graphics) but the initial focus is on the command center (which we almost never need to go to) and not the extractors.,
once we find the main head and clcik we get a pop up. from the pop up we get the interaction screen with a number of things we can do, but if all we wanted to do was restart the heads on a new cycle we click stop and then click start, and then slide our mouse over to a different location and click submit.
Since all we really wanted to do was restart the extractors, how about a button on the main interface that alllows us to “RESTART” and (if really necessary) submit.

the only other thing i have asked for in the past is for the “access” button to appear on undock and not just when you go to the planet selected. we dont always want to fly to the planet, we just want to move things from right to left or left to right. no need to waste time flying around. since the button already exists in the code but only appears when you are next to the planet i was hoping you could make it appear next to the “warp to:” button when we undock.

I am one of several people in my corp that manage more than 60 planets these changes would help immensely. (not to mention reduce my carpel tunnel syndrome)

I made a ■■■■ ton of isk from pi. I say it’s fine the way it is. It’s a passive income that CCP will screw with in good time. Count your blessings in the meantime.

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PI is a labor of love for me. i make no isk from it. my work contributes to structures we build for our own use. nothing is sold for profit. so, reducing the tedium involved is important to me.

PI suffers from the same problem CCP is trying to solve with mineral scarcity - infinite supply, low effort and low risk. Making it easier will simply exacerbate the oversupply and result in lower prices.

The refresh they made a couple of years ago dramatically reduced the number of clicks and I agree there is still room for improvement, but there would need to be an offset so the labor required per unit of PI harvested remains constant or increases.

Supply is not as big issue as lack of demand. Expect fuel related products and new structures. Nothing else, really needs huge amounts of PI. We already see only drooping prices because oversupplying. Not to mention people that just stockpile their PI due to bad prices.

unless CCP introduces more demand and more losses for items that use PI, prices will only drop over time.

I play since late 2016 (citadels) so can’t really tell how it worked before new structures. But after introduction new structures PI is only on decline.

Leave PP alone, its tedium and carpal tunnel inducing clicking is what makes it worth doing. If its made too easy more folks will do it and prices will drop.

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