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After taking notice to the changes to scanning I believe a lot of the same changes could be used in the PI UI. Some changes that would help the players and expedite the process include;

1: Add a jump to next extractor head button. I can not tell you how many times I’m just zipping around the planet trying to find my buildings.

2: Allow players to save extractor head formations much like scanning formations.

3: Allows the buildings to be selected in mass and moved to a new location keeping all the links and such intact, rather then tearing down and building new ones. A moving cost can be associated with this.

4: Have factorys auto assign a schematic based on what mat was routed to it.

These changes would save the players a lot of time and frustration. Please feel free to add your ideas as well.

(Olaf Grossebaffe) #2

What I would like :

  • Select multiple factories and assign them a schematic.
  • Tell the lauchpads/storages which item can goes out, or in.
  • Auto-route everything in consequence.

My tendonitis would love that very much.

(zieg zion) #3

Dude those changes would be sweet as moving the P.I is the biggest headache.

1 THING thoe getting them to auto-select the schematic could be problematic as some inputs are identical on P.I chains as such i would go with the suggestion of allowing multiple factories to be selected and routed at the same time along with setting their blueprint for production

(ariivana) #4

You can tell the lauchpad and storage where to send items. Go to the routes tab and select one from there and add route. I hope this is what you are looking for, if not my apologies.

(Olaf Grossebaffe) #5

Yes, but you have to do that for each item AND each factory on your planet, this is a real pain.
We need something that can set everything up with just a couple clicks.

We could have a system similar to any RTS : select multiple factories by draging your mouse around, and assign them to a group (ctrl+1). Then we can set the storage to deliver some items to all factories in group 1.
That would really make P.I a lot less of a burden.

(system) #6

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