Planetary Interaction. Add 2 buttons please to ease it up

For factories:

  • Make a button “Route to LaunchPad”, “Take from LaunchPad” so that we don’t have to click 4 times per factory. This will tremendously ease up route creation.

Why do this. When you are extracting something from planet it tends to exaust. Then you will move all your factories (10-11) + LaunchPad + Extractor with 10 nodes somewhere else.
This will trigger new placement, new routes, new extractors. I’ll require almost 13*2 clicks to delete all > 100 clicks to remake the new network. It hurts a lot when you move 6 planets at once on > 1 account.

Thank you.

i only move the extractor and accept the hit on extractor head count, my time is too valuable to rebuild everything unless I chose a very bad location

You are doing it wrong.

Can you tell me how to do it right ?

The only real limit on PI in the game is the time it takes to manage your colonies. If CCP makes that easier more product will be harvested and the price will go down.

If you have a handful of colonies, chasing resources around the planet may be worth the effort. When you’re up to 70-80 colonies or more, you tend to leave them where they are and wait for new resource spawns close by - you won’t need to wait long!

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