Ease Planetary Interactions


I would like to submit 2 feature request for plantery interactions in order to ease the usage.

  1. Allow to batch extract directly from the Plantery Industry window

A right click on the planet and then “Start all extractors”. It will remove a huge quantity of click because we do need to get on the planet (1 click), then double click on the extractor (2 clicks), then start the extraction (1 click). Add 3 more clicks for each extractors of the current planet.
If you have 5 planets with 1 extractor you’ll need 5 times 4 = 20 clicks to re-run every planets.

  1. Allow to batch import/export to and from a launchpad or storage

We need to explain for each factory where to get the materials and where to send it back. On a T4 factory planet you’ll have at least 5 clicks per item per factory.
If we could batch select and say “Get every required materials from XXX” and “Send every manufactured materials to YYY” it would greatly ease the setup process.

If you make anything easier more folks will do it, lowering the value of all goods. Lets make it harder?

You should work for the military industrial complex.
In fact you should be in charge.


Ok, fine. But there is any reason the value of PI goods shouldn’t be lowered?

This seems like a straightforward QOL improvement. I will bring it up.

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