Planetary interaction little calculation

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about enhancing my Planetary Interaction “experience”… profit :stuck_out_tongue: and shorten the time I’ve to in"f"est with this task.

Just take a look at one planet and test culture which are selling for min 8k per unit.

low sec 0.2
Setting up 2 Storages 1 Launchpad
1 commandcenter lvl5
extracting T1
exporting T3
2.5k -3k powerlink
First possible way to get things done:


erase base & advanced factories or extactors depending on workcycle

workcycle1+2 88hrs:

workcycle1 48hrs (extraction)
2 extractors 16heads
output 2,4 mio units of T1

workcycle2 40hrs (manufacturing)
erasing: extractors -90k
building: 10basic -750k, 2advanced factories -500k
output: 1500 T2


only extractors get replaced

workcycle 88hrs (extraction & manufacturing)

1 extractor 8heads
output 2,112 mio units of T1
erasing: extractors 2times per cycle -180k
buildings: 4basic -300k, 2advanced factories -500k
output 1320 T2

1 month - 30days - 720hrs / 88hrs = ~8 workcycles (8.18)

1.5kT2 output * 8 workcycles * 8k baseprice (96mio)

  • 8x erasion of all buildings ( extractors 360k / factories 10mio)
  • tax

1.32k T2 output * 8 workcycles * 8k baseprice (~84,48mio)

  • 16 x erasion of extractors (720k), - onetime investment factories (800k)
  • tax

income *6 planets = ~480mio per month

Got to think that through :smiley:

-.- sry for the text formating

making isk with PI is relatively simple. set up 4 extraction planets (produce the PI) for every P2 you plan to make.
1 extractor all heads, feed to 1 Launchpad. 9 or 10 preocessors.
set for 3 days but updated heads daily for best yield.
set up 1 production planet. 27 processors making whatever p2 you wish. 1 Launchpad is enough for reloading every 3 days. P2 makes the best isk per effort raito
To make p3 and up allow a 4 to 1 ratio of P1 . load all your P1 into a Launchpad surrounded by p2 makers, feeding a luanchpad surrounded by p3 makers. keep links very very short. for makximum isk value, push to p3 Launchpad twice daily.
the first option can yield enough to plex your account with isk to spare. the second option will take 3 characters doing PI and is more for supporting your plex needs and alliance projects. . the same theory works for P4 chains without paying taxws on multiple transactions. it is not a big isk maker, but supports building projects that require p4 mats.

27 processors on one planet?

that’s with only one launchpad 23.1k gw and you only got 19k gw max

i will take a closer look when I’m at home.

with my variation I only will need to fly once a month to my planets, setting this up with 6 chars would ruin my health when I had to import/export/transport it that often :smiley:

Using multiple launchers and zero silos is less of a headache on factory planets.

damn extracting since 1hr30

70k suspended plasma (only 6 heads)
121k ionic solution

worth 632k isk ^^ *16 = 1T * 30 = 303 mio isk ^^ just T1 -.- one planet

well extraction was set to 3hr, and I forgot about tax

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