Planet Interaction help!

So, I’m giving PI a go and I’ve figured out the whole extract and make into stuff. If I launch (ex. transmitters) from the command center I pick them up from customs and pay a fee right? But if I build a launchpad I can send it directly to my ship?
And if I have a launchpad I can land materials on the planet to make higher tier stuff? Right?

Ex. Planet A is making consumer electronics and Planet B is making mechanical parts - I need both products to make robotics - so can I get one or both of them to another planet with the facilities to make robotics?

Did I make sense?

You can launch from the command center, which takes a fixed 15% tax, is very limited in volume (500m3 if I recall correctly) and launches the goods into cans in orbit of the planet, bypassing the customs office (and customs office tax).

I do not think people use this feature, as the volume limit makes it impractical.

Placing a launch pad allows you to send much larger volumes of goods between the customs office and the planet, which does get taxed by the customs office owner, so do check how much they ask before you set up your infrastructure.

The launchpad is indeed the (only) way to land materials on the planet to produce higher tier PI.

You could send both to a third (factory) planet or import either one of those goods to the other planet to produce robotics.

You are a wonderful capsuleer! Thank you so much!

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