PI Question

I just set up some PI for the first time but I have a red X on my planets saying they need attention and my Basic Industry Facilities have red text saying Input Routes Missing but my extractor is making stuff and its flowing to a launch pad??

I watched a couple of videos and wonder if I missed a step or if they are outdated?

You need to route from the launch pad to the industrial building.

Hmm. So all the Basic Industry Facilities say they are waiting for Flesic mag-ma. (Said like Austin Powers)

Ok… I think I have 1 planet working…

PI is one of those things that, despite reading blogs and watching videos, you just sort of have to get your hands dirty and try for some of the things to make sense. Almost everybody I know who does PI started with a planet, got it running, realized how they screwed it up, then redid it later on. :rofl:

Normally, the biggest things that can be missed is that a route is missing or some material is not headed to the right place. Fortunately, the revised interface gives you some more visual cues as to what’s going on these days, but it can still be easy to miss something.

Congrats on getting things setup on the one planet, but if you have any more questions or issues, let us know and we’ll try to help out.

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You need to route the magma to the facility and you have to route the facility to the launch pad, on top of having a connection netween the two.

First time set up is awkward because you wont have magma to route untill the drill heads finish its first cycle

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You can look at the incoming routes and create route on the item in question to the processor, you do not need the actual item in your storage to create a route to a processor.

Thanks for the help. I somehow had the wrong product schematic selected and didn’t have an outgoing route from the launchpad.

Thanks for the help I finally got things going.


That kind of thing happens to the best of us- I manage 21 planets and still trip up on things like that from time to time.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.

Are you PI’ing for raw material to sell, or to make higher tier product for T-2 builds?

What I have found is that instead of extracting the raw goods and trying to make higher tier items is not very efficient, if you are strictly after isk sell your raw material, if you are going after T-2 builds then buy the raw goods and import.

The problem in high sec is the low extracting to support efficient supply for builds of any real size, you just run out of supplies faster then you can produce.

If you’re in null or WH and some low sec this won’t be as big an issue, go for the richest items available on the planet (obviously), while rarer items can fetch higher prices it is less you get from extracting.

I am really just looking for ISK… If building will make me more ISK I would consider it… So you are saying don’t even produce a P1 product just collect RAW materials?

Where is the best/easiest money in PI? I am in a WH by the way.

I would actually say make P1s and P2s, rather than P0s, as there’s usually someone looking for those. Many P1 and P2 commodities are components to things made in Industry, so industrialists buy them up pretty reliably. P0s you’ll have to sell for chump change, and even still, you have to hope that someone actually needs them. Supply/demand.

Easiest money depends on where you’re selling it. For example, I work out of Molden Heath, and I can usually sell P2s like Mechanical Parts there for good isk, but other items like Transmitters and Livestock (ie without an immediate use) have no buyers. I have an order of Transmitters on the market that I’m no longer expecting anyone to buy. I’ve had much better luck with selling Transmitters at Rens.

(If you don’t have a particular market in mind, try using the Eve-Marketdata search function to see where stuff is selling the best.)

If I had to absolutely point to one commodity that always makes isk, I would say Nanite Repair Paste. PVPers always need it. But it’s an involved process that requires multiple planets and an Industry blueprint, so that’s more of a thing to work toward rather than an immediate moneymaker.

Appreciate all the feedback my eve bros…

The isk is in tier product for T-2 builds especially those that are consumed such as rocket fuel, guidance, robotics, but on the other side of this you need BPO’s to research to turn into T2 bpc’s saving you from buying off the market if you are going to build T2 mods, ammo.


forget about selling raw material (P0) - the volume is huge and there is no market - just check jita prices and trade volumes for P0 stuff.

Find yourself sth which fetches a good price and has a volume you can handle.

Good tools for planing a PI setup are the PI tools on adam4eve.eu for deciding what to make and evegadgets.com to plan your planets.


If you really just want isk this is a bit of a logistical pain but, pick a couple of products, rocket fuel and robotics, but pick only 2 products have 4 planets produce raw goods and 1 planet in high sec near the trade hub of choice to change product into the T2-T3 no extraction only production of higher tier product.

A deep space transport can carry 6 million raw units at a time, so keeping your production going shouldn’t be a problem from WH’s as amounts are like 200% and higher so you will be a busy bee indeed, but profits are cut depending on if your Corp charges you to export, regardless you should be easily able to make a tidy sum including the sleeper loot or gas (if you do that), however doing that is going to cut down on profit because PVP happens but PI is much reduced risk.

Do you need to re-route the products every time you change extractor heads. I read somewhere that the route quantity is theoretical max output. But if you restart the extractor and it has now more units. Does that mean the rest of products get lost? So you have to reset the route everytime you change the heads?

If you change raw material extraction yes, you must route it to the place you want it to go, if just restarting the extraction process with the same stuff then no.
If you move the extractors to another location but don’t change the materials being extracted then no.

Does it mean that then the value shown in route does not show the maximum possible materials routed? Because I suspect something wrong there. I changed the extractor to extract many more materials, but it seems like it is always staying a low number… I think the routing material from extractor is broken. And if it really is maximum material then it definetly is broken.

I mean in one cycle the ouput was low, but then as the better hotspot shows up you can move the extractor head and it will extract a lot more material. But your route stay at the same lower fvalues from before. Then what happens to those materials that are extracted higher then the number show in route?