Need a general PI scheme for this situation

Currently have one character with “power grid/cpu” skill level 5, and “number of planets” skill level 5. I have an alt with level 4 on those skills that will soon be level 5. And if I want, I can inject another alt to level 5 - I have the cash.

I will soon have access to nullsec planets with low or no tax POCOs. I plan to make P4. The main thing I’d like to know is how many planets should be making what, i.e. how many extraction planets, and how many factory planets will be needed?

Give me a rough scheme for 2 and 3 characters at 5 with the relevant skills. When I did P4 in the past at a smaller scale than what I’m proposing here, and with less skills, I went from P0 to P2 right there on the planets I was extracting from, then shipped it off to… I can’t remember… either it was an intermediate step planet to produce P3, or perhaps it was the final step planet that took it from P2 to P4. Anyway, I need some recommendations or advice, or I’m sure I’ll waste a ton of time and money with bad setups that will have to be torn down and redone.

I’m not gonna move P0 (way too much shipping to deal with), so P0 will have to be compressed down at least to P1 - ideally P2 - before being shipped somewhere else.

Hit me with your schemes and ideas - thanks.

I think I was 3*6 -1 planet for extracting P2 and one factory P2->P4

each extraction planets can produce 10-15 P2/hour, depending on the planet size and the resources used. That’s on a 4days-cycle (you can build 20 P/h on each production planet but then you need 1D cycle and that sucks).
Also you will have spare planets, you can use them to build what is in lowest production. eg if you have 10 A/h and 20 B/h, add another A production to balance the output. Of course if you need more B than A, get somehting else ^^

that means you need to connect twice per week, and you only remove the P2 once every two weeks

P2 productions are easy :

  • one launchpad
  • 2 P2(advanced)
  • 4 P1 (basic)
  • 2 storage
  • 2P0(extractors)

P4 are a “tiny bit” more complex, mine were using 2 P4 on a planet, thus total

  • 2 P4
  • 4 storage
  • 4 launchpads
  • 18 P3

I think you need to connect every 2? or 3 ? days, and every two connections you need to bring P2 to factory in two trips, and remove P4 in one trip.
Having a program that reminds you to reset the extractors is very helpful, though in most cases my storage(on extractor planets) were full thus I had a few days buffer.

This sounds like the kind of scheme I was looking for - thanks.

So the factory planet… could it handle all the product coming in without choking? Or was it backed-up? Or was it the opposite - it could have handled even more coming in? Just trying to get a feel for all of this.

did run the number yourself ?

No, it is beyond my expertise and knowledge just sitting here. I’d probably have to do some hours of reading and research to be able to make that calculation, and if I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have come here.

If you have the information, speak :slight_smile: If you don’t - I understand, and thank you for your time.

Well I tell you what can work, however if you have more specific questions you need to have a setup made because the values depend on your setup - and in that case, if you have the setup you have your answer.

Of course my setup was all right, no choke point - but it depends heavily on the setup.

Good info - thanks. I will try a setup similar to what you described, and modify to taste.

Here are some links to get you started.

These can help you figure out what you can produce in which systems. This helps you plan ahead and see how you can setup a logistical chain for production. I recommend setting aside at least one planet dedicated specifically to receiving imports only so that it can turn what you import into their their final stage before exporting them. Keep in mind that unless you have access to low-tax or no-tax POCOs, exporting the final stage will be pricey.

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The easiest P4 production is: organic mortar applicators. They are pretty decent with a setup of 2x maxed chars and one at IV IV.

I did this in Null and, if I would have made all the 1 day cycles instead of “whenever”, it would have been able to run at least 1 1/2 to 2 P4 nonstop.

Mortars yield a good ammount of isk in the end, but I never did calculations over P0 because “convenience”.

Nice, another PI enthusiast :slight_smile:

Was just reflecting on old pi setups and how I got to where I am now.

It depends on what you want to do - what is your goal? and what you got to do it with - how many accounts, planet slots really. and a little perspective helps too.

So, I assume you got one account with potentially three pi characters? I would train them all up to lv 5 skill on interplanetary consolidation and the command center upgrades, and lv 4 remote sensing and planetology.

that gives you 18 planets to work with.

If you were lazy like I was for a bit, 15 planets is okay, 3 characters with 5 planets each? but I suggest being you already started, finish them up nice, and get all three in the same corp, pi skills all the same, with the same navigation and gal industrial skills, perhaps to lv 4 :slight_smile:

Now, I assume your goal is to make as much isk in a months period of time, perhaps to say, plex your account?

if that is your goal, then design your schematic for that target isk per month.

One thing you can do,
You want to select one or two p4 items that have the most value AND also sell volume! I have noticed, over the years, the 8 p4 items, there are four of them that sell ideally for a bit more. in the p3 category, there are a few items that too, sell for a bit more than the rest. the p2 category as well as the p1 too, have items that have carried more value than the rest. Identify these items and manufacture them, and sell them… and leave the rest.

I will help you, but I think you should draw a map in google sheets for your own schematics, planets, characters, etc…

planktic colonies
non cs crystals
reactive gas
complex organis
felsic magma

These p1 items are the items I am talking about.

Construction Blocks
Consumer Electronics
Microfiber Shielding
Silicate Glass
Supertensile Plastics
Viral Agent

are the p2 items that usually carry a higher value.

Cryoprotectant Solution
Gel-Matrix Biopaste
Hazmat Detection Systems
Planetary Vehicles

for the p3 items, and…

Broadcast Node
Integrity Response Drones
Self-Harmonizing Power Core
Wetware Mainframe

for the p4’s

Im just saying Ive noticed over the years, these items usually placed a little bit higher than the rest in their class respectively. This can be for a number of reasons, supply and demand, availability from planets… Which I believe is the main factor. The p0 source materials include the 4 that come from one planet type only. They are essentailly, “less commonly found” as they arent on any of the other planets. that AND if you ever noticed reactive gas, felsic magma, they are usually pretty low on the bar?

Bacteria $288.00 752,640 $216,760,320.00
Biofuels $320.00 752,640 $240,844,800.00
Biomass $839.00 752,640 $631,464,960.00 planktic colonies
Chiral Structures $874.99 752,640 $658,552,473.60 non cs crystals
Electrolytes $425.00 752,640 $319,872,000.00
Industrial Fibers $789.96 752,640 $594,555,494.40 autotrophs
Oxidizing Compound $758.02 752,640 $570,516,172.80 reactive gas
Oxygen $377.52 752,640 $284,136,652.80
Plasmoids $531.00 752,640 $399,651,840.00
Precious Metals $569.99 752,640 $428,997,273.60
Proteins $939.00 752,640 $706,728,960.00 complex organis
Reactive Metals $559.99 752,640 $421,470,873.60
Silicon $802.98 752,640 $604,354,867.20 felsic magma
Toxic Metals $483.00 752,640 $363,525,120.00
Water $497.70 752,640 $374,588,928.00

Just to verify, here is yesterdays pull from the p0’s. note the higher price which I identified to the right by its p1.

If you were to need to make isk, perhaps this would be the best way to go. and adapt to this model. that way you are making the most isk per planet slot possible.

You can pick your tier you wish to produce to, but ideally the concept remains the same. These prices are the sell order prices, which I think any and most serious traders or industryman would set to gain the most profit possible.

the numbers between the name and price is the qty of said price analysis, you can just ignore those numbers. That is my extraction rate projected for one p1 material covering a 28 day period of time.

Personally, I feel making p3 material is best isk for low planet operations, sticking to the items mentioned, for the m3.

One tip would be to pick one thing, and max out the planets capacity to fit processors. I run 23 processors on my p2/3 farms and 8 on the p4 planets.

Ill make you a table I can share with a link and you can copy paste, do what you want, hope it helps. You can make all items, sell only MOST valuable items, you dont have to make p4 to make billions of isk each month !!! :smiley:

this is just experimental of course!

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Thanks guys. I read all the posts. Will check back if anyone else posts.

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