Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy


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For Extraction planets, I use this setup. It requires export roughly once a week. Raw materials come into the Silo, then out to the factories, then back to the launchpads. This can be built with Command Centre Upgrades IV on all but the biggest planets. Drop a factory on huge gas planets.


(NOTE: What follows requires Command Centre Upgrades V and a smallish radius planet. For CCU IV you will have to drop some factories from the setup)

For a P1-P2 planet, four launchpads with two for each P1 input. You can route the finished products back to those existing launchpads. With filled launchpads, it should run for around two days before needing a refill.

eg: 2unputP2
(In this example, the top two launchpads feed the top 11 factories, the bottom two launchpads feed the bottom 11 factories and everything routes back, evenly split, to teh top two launchpads for export)

For a P1-P3 4 input planet, again use four launchpads, route the resultant P2s back to the launchpads and out again to the P3 producing facilities and back to the launchpads again. Full launchpads and it runs for two days between refills. With CCUV you can have four Advanced Industry Facilities making the P3 and enough P2 producing facilities to keep them all ticking over.


(In this setup, the Red factories draw P1 from the top two launchpads and route back to the top two launchpads evenly split. The yellow ones draw from the bottom two launchpads and route back. The blue ones down the centre take the resultant P2 products and mash them into P3s, routed back one factory per launchpad)

For a P1-P3 six input factory planet, three launchpads, each receiving two P1 inputs (~13k of each), route out to the P1-2 factories, back to the launchpads and out to three P2-P3 facilities. Again, with full launchpads, this will run for around two days on a full load.


(in this final setup, we have three, six factory groups, each drawing 2x P2 materials and routing back two factories per launchpad. The three factories around the centre draw those P2 products from the launchpad immediately counter-clockwise and produce P3, delivering to the launchpad immediately clockwise from them)

protips, 1: build these setups from the centre out.
2: plan your input launchpads so you can dump stuff in them in descending Alphabetical Order of the Launchpad dropdown at the POCO. For example, for Data Chips, I dump the Biomass in the top one, the Industrial Fibers in the second one on the list, Oxygen goes in number three and Silicon at the bottom.
3: Time spent planning how to minimise the time you spend gambolling around in an Epithal when you’re setting up will pay dividends in the long run.
4: Straight Extraction to P2 planet setups are very inefficient and you often run into issues keeping the extraction rates balanced. Having dedicated Extraction-> P1 planets and then using a factory planet to crack higher tiers gives a substantially higher yield.
5: For P4 factories, these basic builds will still work. just decide if you’re going to use P2 or P3 inputs and plan accordingly.

Need a general PI scheme for this situation
Plasmoid + Water , Superconductor Factory (PI STORM + ICE)
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Well done! Now I know what I’ll be doing next time I’m in New Eden.

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Do you run your own planets (your own POCO’s) with a 0% tax for transport to and from the planet, or what is your tax rate when you do these setups?

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I have a 5% Tax Rate on my own POCOs (which just winds up paying for fuel blocks for my structures)

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