P.i. spread sheets or programs?

Are there any public available p.i. spread sheets that allow you to simply input stuff like units extracted per hour and it tell you the most optimal way to setup extraction to p1 manufacturing so that none of your factories ever stop for the time period you have set? Yeah I’m kind being lazy instead of doing the math myself.

P1 manufacturing is easy and there’s not much choice:

  • 1 extractor, maximum heads.
  • 1 storage, because you should feed your extractors into a storage at all times, never directly into factories
  • 1 launch pad, for the final product (P1 in this case)
  • and finally as many factories linking the storage to the launch pad as you can fit, producing P1 from P0. You should be able to fit about 8-10 if I recall correctly.

I restart all of my PI planets twice a week with 4-day cycles and that seems to be decent for allowing the buffer (storage) to fill and empty while keeping the factories running. Maybe 3 or 2 day cycles could be better to always keep the storage filled (and all factories running at all times) but that’s up to you.

From P2 onward you have more choices to optimise your planets to suit your needs and schedule.


Always more than one way to skin a cat.


My bad, you’re right!

With 12 heads you may be producing more volume per hour than your 5 factories can handle, though. At maximum rate (so at the start) my 10 heads from 1 extractor are producing enough for 6 factories. Careful that you do not fill your launch pad and block your factories from depositing their stuff!
(Depends on the resource abundance of your planet of course.)

Also I checked my P1 planets and I noticed I have my factories linked to two launch pads. I’m a bit lazy, and these allow me to go without launching stuff into space for longer, which means I can do my PI update cycles from anywhere instead of having to undock and fly to the PI system.

Maybe I should try 2 extractors and fewer factories, especially now that my PI character with P1s has gained access to lvl VI command centers.

So just to be sure. What I’m doing with PI is wrong and inefficient? I’m running 4 planet. 3 have 2 mining drills 4-5 heads each. And running t1 and then t2 production. And I have last planet that makes t3

Nothing wrong with producing P2 on a single planet, instead of P1.

I’m not sure how much less/more effective P2 production on a single planet is compared to multiple planets, but you have the benefit of less hauling and less import fees if you do it on a single planet.

Most of my planets are P2 on a single planet. But for some goods this isn’t possible, so in those occasions I’m forced to do P1 and combine them on a factory planet.

Generally, the more effort you put into PP, the more ISK you’ll get out.

True, PI will pay better if you put in more effort!

It’s not a 1:1 relation though, so it’s up to you to determine how much effort you want to put in it and whether you want to put in a lot more effort for a little more payout.

Sometimes the lazy approach pays better over time than putting in too much effort into PI and burning out on it.

if ure doing ure pi spread it out
max is 7 planet’s
6 extraction + p1
1 production p2-p3

Honestly, I doubt you will find what you are looking for.

There are far too many variables that can be used to define “optimal” for any “simple” spread sheet to accurately answer (and i’ve made a bunch of them over the years):

*Startup costs
*Net Profits
*Net Revenue
*Return on Investment (ROI)
*Profit Margin %
*Number of Planets
*Are you using what you make?
*Market capacity relative to production
*Hauling capacity of your transport
*How often do you plan to travel to those planets
*Time spent (hours) actually interacting with the planets

All of these questions/concepts will impact the “optimal” way to design a planet in some way.

extraction planets (using only basic factories) are relatively simple and don’t really need spread sheets.
Set the extraction length equal to how often you want to interact with the planet
Provide enough Launchpads/Storehouses to hold the output for that time period.

Using the more advanced factories (tier 2-4 products) and achieving the “optimal” result requires addressing most of the stuff in my list.

You seem to have defined optimal as “none of your factories ever stop for the time period you have set”
a time period of 1 hour will have a dramatically different design that one built to run for a week (hence making your request hard to answer).

obligatory repost: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy

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