PI setup question-- dedicated extract alts --- factory alts

Hey folks.
Was curious about some PI setup I was working on and was hoping to get more experienced PI folks info on my question

I have 4 characters right now, all trained into 4+ PI skills. One of those has CCU to 5.
I was trying to think of ways to optimize my setup and yield. Currently, I am just doing P3 items to get the hang of things and might branch out to P4 down the road.

Right now, what i have done on each alt is setup extractor planets to pull in P1 materials, then move those P1 materials to a factory planet, where it goes from P1 → P2, then, P2 → P3

Seems ok, but I feel like I can make it better.
I had an idea.
What if 3 of my alts were just all doing extractions, then I could deliver the P1 materials to my PI factory guy, who could setup a couple of factory planets?
Is that viable?
more headache than needed?

I hope tha tmake sense and appreciate the feedback.

PI schemes that require frequent movement lead to burnout.
I had a two year break once caused 100% by such a PI setup. So much work it drove me right out of the game.

Currently I have four characters running PI on four planets each.
14 planets do extract —> P1
All that is hauled out once a week and station traded to one character that hauls it to a single planet that does P1 —> P2
That all gets moved to a third planet that does
P2 —> P4

I purchase two different P2’s to complete the chain so I didn’t have to set up another 2-3 planets.

I set the extractors to run a five day cycle (that’s enough to fill the storage) and I only touch it once a week.

It’s not super efficient, but it’s only about 90 minutes of work, one day a week and nets about a billion ISK a month, net of import/export taxes.

It’s about all I’m willing to deal with.


This corrects my thinking. 22 hour cycle I use is insane.

I also try to figure out if I can put a P2 in there somewhere in the pipeline. That reduces the storage requirements and the results can be launched from a command center better due to less volume.

I’ve done nothing above P2. I loathe turning my “passive” income into real passive income for the customs office holders.

@Scarlett_LaBlanc This is excellent and exactly what I was looking for.
My fear is I do not want it to be a burden and overwhelming. Something I can do, once week, easy as possible and make passive isk.
I was thinking of doing something very similar, with the planets I have available to me.
extract the materials to P1 as needed, pass them to my ‘factory’ PI guy to make the P3 stuff.
Really appreciate it!

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First off, you are very welcome.

If your intent is to produce up to P3 and sell be sure to choose your P3 products carefully.
When I last looked several P3 products sell for less than the price of their P2 inputs or have very low market volumes.

I think that most P4 producers purchase P2 and run a planet that makes P2 —> P4

P3’s would be a lot easier to haul than P2, so it might be worth the reduced profit for their easier hauling for you.
Just a thought.

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