PI. Does this sound right?

Ive been out in null for a few weeks now and decided to set up PI for some passive income. Ive got two accounts set up and after setting up the second i realized my production was kind of lopsided. What i mean is that i have 5 planets on 1 account making p2, and then 2 on the other finishing off p2 and then manufacture p3? Really what im courious about is could i spread that out over both toons and just have 2 extractors extracting the same thing on each planet? I set my extraction plans for 3 days at like 16k… and i try to keep that as an avg. number of p1/cycle.

Just wondering if this sounds right to anyone, am i doing something wrong here?

For manufacturing P3 I do P1 extractor planets and P1->P3 manufacturing planets on planets with 1% tax pocos.

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