Will a P0>P1 industry planet be worth?

So I’ve now got 8 alts ready for PI.
I was planning to setup the fairly usual system of alts extractors P0>P1 and 1 main industry planet P1>P3 but then I wondered, wouldn’t that be interesting to collect raw ressources, bring them to a P0>P1 industry planet and then to a P1>P3 one ?

I recognize that would mean 2 more hauling trips and Poco taxes to pay, but as my extractors would be sucking more it would compensate for it… Or not ?

Nobody doing that ? Is it too complicated/waste of isk/time ?


my setup is strip mine planets with two times ECU with 10 heads and a launchpad (those can be cheaply torn down and moved when sucked dry) and factory planets P0-P2 (can fit 7 P2 factories at a time with CCU5).
Running on 25.5h cycles and export P0 after 12h or so to avoid overflow.

You can then go on with P2-P4 factory planets. I think a P3-P4 factory planet will be hard to keep fed…


any PI chain predicated on the mass hauling of P0 materials is a BAD idea. you will go insane with the sheer amount of time you will need to spend in a freighter or epithal.
crack 'em to P1 at least before exporting.
see also: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy


That depends on the number of PI toons available to you - I think for my 3 toons the setup is fine and gives good profit for the time spent. For medium or large numbers a less involved approach like the one shown by Mephiztopheleze is preferred unless you wat to turn this into a full time job…

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But why is there only one extractor and so many factories though ?

because that’s all you need for that setup to work.
that one extractor should keep all those factories fed provided you’re not trying to extract from a very poor resource pool.

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In Null Sec, I have 36+ planets that extract P0 and refine it into P1. I have an additional charter that has 6 PI planets where all she does is convert P1 into P2 and sometimes P2 into P3. I don’t bother making P4.

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