Changing PI Processing for P1+


(Kira Hhallas) #1

Hi all,

After years of useing PI in W-Space, yesterday i ask me myself, why not useing the Athanor for fruther PI processing ?

Only Harvest the P0 Stuff from the Planets and put it into the Athanor or in an production Array for PI.
So you have, like for every other Stuff, BPO & BPCs to make P1+ Matherials.

I think i would make sense. Harvest the P0 Stuff from the Planets, ship it to the Athanor and make PI Stuff out from it. What do you think ?



ps.: Sorry for the bad english … i tought i will reach far more poeple here in the English Forum, than in the german.

[Proposal] Changing PI Processing for P1+
(Kiddoomer) #2

Seems good, I am for more stuff being done where players can interact with it, and it doesn’t change at all the extraction process of the planets (which makes PI the passive isk activity), it would make the PI stuff waaaay more manageable for people using it purely as an source income selling their extracted PI commodities, with only one level of objects to sell.

And for industrialits it would make for opportunities and more different things to do with their engineering complexes.

One thing though, we would need to be able to compress the stuff on the planets, otherwise I don’t see how we could manage the quantities required of P0 to produce anything.

(Erethond) #3

P0 are huge volume wise, it would make PI a pain to deal with, having to ship stuff every other day or something.

Also, while it might make sense to produce coolant and some other stuff in a refinery, Some other things like livestock or robots don’t fit quite as well. Mechanical things could be done through normal industry, I guess, but having a cattle farm on a space station just doesn’t make much sense.

(Kira Hhallas) #4

the space requirements of P0 is not such a Problem, you have Industrial Ships for this (Ephital) or Frighter.

And i think for the People nothing realy will change.
They will collect there PI at the POCOS and bring it to the Astraus.
Or they will do it like before make P1+ at the Planet. Not so fast or efficent like with an
There should be the Option to choose.

But with the livestock and cattle Problem i am with you. But like in the past, many Things in EVE are not realy logical.

Would it make sense to Change the System ? What the other People think of it ?
What the CSM / ISD / CCP think of it…

(Kiddoomer) #5

P1 is already taking lot of space in Epithal and DST (deep space transports), P0 would just be a unbearable hassle without some kind of compression.
For livestocks, virals and such, I think it would be ok in station, animals are probably being cloned anyway, not bred in pastures given the context of EVE online (faaaaar future).

If you want more people discussing about the idea, a good idea would be to link this thread with a resume on reddit, there’s more people there than on the EVE Online forums most of the time :

(Kira Hhallas) #6

do don not have an Reddit Account, am to oldschool for that … :stuck_out_tongue:
I will think about it … give the People here some time.

So Play it trought.
Storage POCO: 35,000m3
Ephital: 45,000m3

So do you get a Full POCO at Day, i dont think so? You can manage Six Planets per Charakter. In an 3- 5 Day Cycle you can store the stuff for more than a week.
I think, most of the People will reprocess or process there stuff in there planet System.

So if you give them the Option to process the P0 Stuff to P1+ (With an Time Efficent Bonus) People have to move the PI Stuff. Everything Above p1 will note habe the Problem with the Volume.

So, without destroying the existent System, it would be a good Option.
Like "If you and your corp want to use a athnor for further PI process and Produktion deal with the Volumen. For that, you get a time Bonus."
Bevor some one else will speak about taxes … Athanor uses fuel.

So next Point would be the fuel consumtion of the PI Processor …

do you get my Point of it ?
And okay Reddit thread would be a good idea at this Point for a constructiv discussion…


(Zenorra Azizora) #7

As someone who produces PI in huge quantities on about 30 toons having to pull P0 and haul it multiple systems so often on all my toons would be a pain. You must also consider those that dont have a system to themselves. Those planets that are shared amongst larger numbers will likely run dry much quicker. Leave it as is. We don’t need more isk sunk into blueprints and research either imo.

What I would say to change is how it is harvested from the planet. Give us the ability to use the extra PI skills to get a bonus. Also give us an option to save our set ups so we can easily reproduce them If we have to rebuild.

(Kira Hhallas) #8

I considered it. If we leave it as it is, everytime we want to produce PI we Need to go over a POCO.
We never get the Option to do it over a Athanor.
I dont think so the planets will dry fast out, and if, People have to adept to it.

I understand the Point of the BPOs & BPCs, so this could be solved over the process unit in the Athanor.
Lilke the Advanced and the Basic Facillity and the planets.
I think it would make a good compromiss.
And how said the other System should be shut down.


(MinerArt) #9

Refinery instead of a POCO? Would need to be a service module.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #10

This would remove any realistic profit from taxing pocos and also make PI much safer. Less trips required and only with dirt cheap P0’s.

My choice is to rework PI entirely to use planetside citadels instead. Storage, factories, extractors as modules etc.

(Kira Hhallas) #11

POCO where intruduced long before the Zitas where an Idea … so the PI System should be over thinked and reworked.

I think i would be a good idea to integrade the new Zita in the PI Process.
How the Planetside Citas would be like ? @Corraidhin_Farsaidh

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #12

Smaller cheaper citadel basically, modules would provide factory, storage and extraction functions, rigs for logistics, power and cpu I guess. Change extraction from the current placing heads to something a little better (open to ideas on that), though the logistics rig would either improve range of extraction, or yield.

Either planetside citadels would be invulnerable as per current PI installations, or vulnerable as per citadels but with orbital cannon/defence fighters etc for defence. Orbital bombardment would then be a viable option again, as long as the PI citadel can fight back. It would also be as tough and defensible as a citadel since it’s ground based and therefore much easier to harden up.

(Trader Hansen) #13

OP’s suggestion is a good idea. Let’s face it, PI was only ever a half-assed cludge to link EVE with Dust and the UI is terribad. The transition to planets being solely a source of P0 (without having to fartass around with ridiculously unintuitive colony setups) and then having all other processing occur off-world (the same as everything else in EVE) would actually bring it more in line with existing EVE mechanics.

As to POCOs and muh tax streamz… Get rid of them. Or re-work them into a new system that doesn’t boil down to entire planets being owned by 1 player.

People citing P0 m3 volumes as an issue have missed an easy and obvious solution: Reduce the m3 size of P0 (and all other PI intermediaries). As it stands the current system is a bit ridiculous in how many m3 of P0 it takes to produce a single p4 product (and where is all that waste m3 going? Currently it magically disappears into /dev/nul. I’d hate to see the wastelands we’re leaving behind on the planets with all these PI factories).

Sure, farming livestock in a space station doesn’t make much sense, but neither does having to manually click on d-scan every 2 seconds, or warping through planets, or bouncing off stations/ships, or the sovereignty system. In fact, pretty much nothing in this game makes sense.

The alternative to this would be for CCP to fully embrace planets (and moons) as part of the EVE universe, with actual gameplay associated with them (and no, the current PI system isn’t gameplay, it’s busy-work), instead of them just being 1 dimensional set pieces serving as a means to an end like every other orbital body in the game. Original PI took us about 2% in this direction.

(Imustbecomfused) #14

seems legit. though i wonder if it would be too “easy” to make passive isk and with ccp being the cock blockers for isk makers, i dont see it happening.

(Kira Hhallas) #15

So do we have other ideas in this Point ?

(Kira Hhallas) #16

Push IT !

(Kira Hhallas) #17

Try to Keep my Suggestion Alive !

(Kira Hhallas) #18

Keep this thread alive !

(Imustbecomfused) #19

I dont think its a bad idea, I mean, where ever we do the refining, manufacturing, research, blue print copying, etc… is where the magic. is. Though I wonder if it would render parts of the PI system useless?

Like I wonder if you made p3 and p4 materials from the indy interface, if that wouldnt be a bad idea but keep the p0 and p2 production planet side? does it make sense to split this up? what would be the over all gain and loss and affect of each on the game and its community?

I dont mind the way it is now. I think it frees up a lot of indy stuff I could be doing, if we kept the pi planet side,

Which is my overall vote at this point. Unless there is a direct benefit or fix to a problem, Im not sure it needs to change?

(Jonathan Rotineque) #20

Really like where this thread is headed.

Since ECs are industry focused why not capitalize on their Indy bonuses? Maybe have a PI focused rig that has all the PI patterns in it.

Also, since we are ‘mining’ P0 resources from the planet why not designate them as ore so ships with ore holds can haul it. Maybe its time to decommission the specialized haulers. Re-designate Ore/mineral/ammo holds as Resource holds sizeable to Epithal max to widen hauling capability. Its not a big stretch when you consider that Ore holds already hold Gas, Ice and Rock.