Changing PI Processing for P1+


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Before any significant investment is made in the PI Market, I would take a good look at the state of the PI marketplace. It’s going on 6 months now that a player or group of players bought up millions of product at all Tiers (T0-T4) in what appeared to be an attempt to “corner the market” by relisting the product at various price points in assorted quantities. These orders are being relisted again when they expire. This has had a depressing effect on both buy and sell prices as there is now a massive surplus of PI product just sitting in Jita warehouses. Just take a look for yourself… it looks like the work of A.I. market bots gone haywire. Or market price manipulation by Player or NPC to restrict ISK generation.

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It only makes sense to me if you can make P1 / P2 on the ground and bring up for a better refinement.

Also… Need to make sure combining all this in a refinery doesn’t utilize a job slot as the current metric doesn’t.

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Good idea.

Would a CSM take a look on this ?
What other think about it ?

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It makes the more expensive P3/P4’s much more safe as you produce them. It also means you pay a lot less tax at pocos, and spend less time at risk in space.

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not the worst idea that i’ve ever seen. although, if we are going to remove the processing from the planets, why not go all the way with it and remove the planetary interface entirely.
we can introduce an upwell replacement for the poco offices. hell maybe even just add modules to athanor and tatara. we already have average concentrations of various p0’s for each planet. so an athanor in orbit with the right module would allow a player to install x amount of extraction jobs (governed by skill with average resource concentration acting as a modifier) that way you can get rid of the ungainly planetary interface entirely and have pi production match other forms of industry.

maybe have athanors be able to process from p0-p2, but have p3 and p4 require a tatara?

pros that I can see, reduces a lot of the mindless overhead and clicking that pi requires. also adds a fuel cost, and extra asset sinks are rarely a bad thing.

possible problems I can see with this (unless you add a new structure) using an athanor or tatara and having the p0 delivered directly to the hangar means not needing to actually undock with an epithal. which drastically reduces the need for that ship, as well as reduces opportunities for content. especially in wormholes where I know poco’s are a popular place to ambush.
it makes an already VERY passive material source even more passive. although with PI, most of the “work” involved is just mindless busy work that doesn’t really add anything to the game anyways. so its not a huge loss imo. and I can’t think of many ways that you could improve the interaction involved like with moon mining.

now, if they do decide to go the route of the new structure type. what I’d like to see is something very similar to current poco’s. no tethering, no docking, but can access the hold from space to transfer. the new structure would require fuel in order to run extraction cycles and would transfer the p0 to the structure. to minimize the massive amount of back and forth that p0’s would require to transport, maybe allow the structure to refine p0 into p1, but p2-4 have to happen in an athanor or tatara.

would require more work, but would at least keep epithals vulnerable during pickup runs.

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I dont think having the “perfect ship” is in eve’s design.
You are basically asking for a t1 deep space hauler.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #32

although I would kill to have some sort of specialized t1 hauler that can move moongoo and fuel components around.

(Kira Hhallas) #33

Thanks for the Input.

  • T1 Hauler would not useless, you would need it also for Transport.
  • You can rise the Taxes from the Pocos or you can rise the costs in your Athanor.
  • i would not tuch the UI Interface for PI. The PI System now is for the Singleplayer good as it is. It could be better but it is usefull.

My idea was to keep the changes simple & small. We Need no new structure in Space, because of the fact, we get many Upwell Structure in the Moment.
So a M- or L- Module for the Refineries will do it.

Fact in the WH space is, your P0 Cycle is 5- 7 days, so if yoo use only p0 mats… you bring the stuff all two weeks into the Cita and then you fly it to our other planets where you built p1 & p2 Stuff…

Thats a lot of waiting an do nothing, and then you fly stuff trough the WH System. 90% of the time, there are no hunters, if you Close the Holes and have Intel …
And in 00 Space there is the Local :slight_smile:

And realy the day for pocos ambushes are over… if you want a fight … attack the Cita’s

But go on with the Input, it is interessting … the poeple have good ideas…

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Thanks, but no thanks. I personally, would rather not drive up the fuel requirements for structures with another module. Logistics are tough enough in wormhole space for those without a highsec static. Running to the pocos every few days helps me keep my dscan finger toned up. What would happen if the muscles in my finger if I were to stay docked up even more than I do now…

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Okay, thats your Point.
I life in a C3 with Static NS…

But i want to say, the normal way to produce should be stay in game …
With the PI Porcessor in the Athanor, it should be only a way to optimize Porduktion Lanes for Corps.

For Single Players with PI Alts the “normal” way may be better.

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Major issue in Low/Hisec in that most POCOS are owned by one Alliance. And it is stupidily easy to shoot down a player structure of the size of a large CAP but extremely difficult to kill a POCO. POCO should only have 1 player of shield/armor/anything and pop easy and be cheaper.

Again Athanors would be a good solution and easy worked with. Mine P0 as said and process in Proper refineries.

Improve the PO process further if P1,P2,P3,P4 removed.

Let us do something sensible and put up our own new Cheap POCOs or launch from planet to cargo in space?

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