How do I "reprocess" planetary extracted items?

I discovered that I can’t appear to directly sell stuff I extract from Planets, at least not in their raw form. Is this what I use the “Processor” plants on the Planet for? To make more “complex” items? How do I tell what can and can’t be sold directly?

I’m slowly getting the hang of PI anyway!! Thanks!

What do you mean directly? You should be able to take any PI output to a market and offer it for sale.

Ah yes you are correct. I must have been trying to sell it when it wasn’t on the station. lol Thanks!

It is much easier to sell p1 than p0 (processing) locally than raw extractions. Jita will always have buy orders for a lot of things, but instead of correcting your market mistake/assumption, I would rather recommend that you throw as many basic facilities down and export the p1’s at the very least. Good luck. It’s easy money.

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Thanks! :smiley:

Someday CCP will allow us to create tier products in refineries…making it a more straight forward process.

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