How do I "reprocess" planetary extracted items?

(Velhen Rex) #1

I discovered that I can’t appear to directly sell stuff I extract from Planets, at least not in their raw form. Is this what I use the “Processor” plants on the Planet for? To make more “complex” items? How do I tell what can and can’t be sold directly?

I’m slowly getting the hang of PI anyway!! Thanks!

(Shiloh Templeton) #2

What do you mean directly? You should be able to take any PI output to a market and offer it for sale.

(Velhen Rex) #3

Ah yes you are correct. I must have been trying to sell it when it wasn’t on the station. lol Thanks!

(Oreb Wing) #4

It is much easier to sell p1 than p0 (processing) locally than raw extractions. Jita will always have buy orders for a lot of things, but instead of correcting your market mistake/assumption, I would rather recommend that you throw as many basic facilities down and export the p1’s at the very least. Good luck. It’s easy money.

(Velhen Rex) #5

Thanks! :smiley:

(Piugattuk) #6

Someday CCP will allow us to create tier products in refineries…making it a more straight forward process.

(system) #7

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