Planetary Industry: need some tips

Hi, I’m new at PI, so I need some tips: actually I started some extractions on a couple of planets, just to understand what’s better to extract. First I’d like to know if facilities are relocable, namely: if I change my mind and want to extract something else on the same planet (or on another planet), can I move them or I have to buy them again?
Also, I’m not sure I understand which is the best set to extract and produce commodities. Actually I have a planetary command center, a extractor control center, a launchpad and a basic industry facility. the control center sends stuff to the launchpad and this one sends stuff to the basic industry, then this last sends back P1 to the launchpad: how do I optimize the whole chain? I know that there are some simple calculations to do, but as you can understand reading this post I’m not english and I did not understand the guides I’ve found, please explain me in simple worlds.
Finally, is it more profitable to produce processed materials or refined commodities?

The command center is placed once and cannot be moved. If you want it to be at another location you need to decommision it and get another command center from the market, fly it to the system and place it.

All other facilities on the planet are easily relocatable, but not for free. You pay ISK each time you (re)place them.

Extracting and producing commodities depends on what you want to make. For now while you’re learning you can just try some things, but it’s good to have a plan on what to produce based on local demand or based on inputs you (or friends) require for industry.

Prices will depend on market demand and supply as well as the taxes to import/export from your planet.

One thing is always the case: P0 and P1 are a pain to move as they have a very large volume for very little value. As you get higher to P2, P3 and P4 the value per volume goes up so you can more easily move the goods around, which means it’s easier to sell further away.

Thanks, so if I change planet I also have to buy again facilities, right?

I’m a PvE player, I’m in no corp and I’m not interested in industry, I’m only searching a solution to pay my Omega status with ISK, so I want to optimize production to earn 1,5 billion ISK x month, nothing else.

Yes. But it’s quite cheap.

1,5b ISK per month in PI is possible, but hardly fun. You need several highly trained chars and planets with low taxes, also you have to consider security. I’ve just lost 400m ISK PI to gankers in Perimeter (should have sticked to my rule: Never haul on a saturday night…), but these costs are normal, too.

Yes, of course I’m aware of risks.
Have fun is not a problem too, I do other activities that are more fun for me and I don’t pretend to earn 1,5 billion ISK exclusively from PI, I’ll do T4or T5 abyss and anomic bases too, it’s just to help

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