PI feedback/feature request: Move Command Center

Seems like this has been suggested at least once before with little momentum, but I want to bring it up again. It would be really nice if you could move command centers around on a planet, for an isk fee comparable to decommissioning and rebuilding a PI facility.

I realize that the location of the CC is not actually important if you’re not linking it to other facilities, but it’s annoying to have to scroll around the planet every day for 15+ planets, and then if I choose to decommission and rebuild my facilities on that planet (to move to an area with a high concentration of the desired resource for instance), then what little muscle memory on how I need to rotate the view to get from my CC to my actual facilities is ruined again.

The CC location is great when you first build your colony, because you just put it next to where you’re going to operate, but it seems rather foolish that if I want to relocate it I have to decommission the whole colony and place a new CC, followed by replacing all my facilities.


It would take a CCP team of developers six months to implement this.


I would settle for a button that toggles a “zoom to” function for active launchpads.

I think the Primae needs some love to help out with PI.

You can move your extractors for little cost. I think this is the intended dynamic, your command centre limits positions of your extractors so sometimes you can reach the best deposit but sometimes you can’t.

I think this is working as intended, even if it sucks sometimes.

This would be a nice change.

I once took the effort of destroying and recreating all of my planet setups just to have the command centers right next to the rest of my facilities, because I didn’t want to rotate the planets each time I reenable the extractors. And newbie me didn’t know that the command center location was going to be so important.

I’m too lazy to follow the hot spots so my extractors haven’t moved far away from my command centers yet, but I can imagine it’s annoying to have to bring new command centers each time you set up the facilities on another spot on the planet, just to have your ‘zoom in’ feature at the correct spot.

A default zoom in feature that focuses extractors/launchers instead of command center could be a nice alternative solution.

You know you can place extractors on your planet regardless of your command center’s location? Your facilities don’t even have to be linked to the command center.

This, I place mine on top of the planet most of the time.

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The command center does not limit your extractor positions.

You shouldnt even be linking the CC to anything else.

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