Change Requests for planetary interaction (consolidated)

A fw of us wandered through several threads to gather PI change requests and list them here.
Simple requests ( as seen by the players)

  1. add a button next to the warp to button for ACCESS. this button appears when you land at the planet, but would be helpful to do the moves within the POCO while we are warping there, Time saver
    2/ Add a button to center on either a launchpad or extraction head . We almost never use the center on command center button and sometimes need to move our extraction areas away from it. Centering on the command center just means we need to visually scroll around to find our stuff
  2. Auto update extractors Give us a way to restart extractors without having to visually find the main head and then get the papup, and then click on the stop / start and then submit. Please provide a button to restart and submit.

4, make the epithal cargo hold large enough to carry a command center. (yes we know we can do this with cargohold expansions)

Those three changes would help immensely with routine planet work.

More complex changes

  1. copy / paste extraction or processing arrangements
    The idea here is be able to copy a layout and paste it to another planet or location. In the example where we have over extracted a spot we can just copy the layout and paste it to a defferent spot on the planet. OR once a set up is completed be able to copy it to another planet and past it.

the same for a processor sett up. whether the copy can grab the processors and links, or also grab the products and routings. again , very helpful whether on same planet or next one

2 Copy a complete planet setup and be able to paste it to another planet.

That is our consolidated wish list. I am sure others have things they might want to add.

The PI guys

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Remember the value of a commodity is a function of scarcity. Any change that makes it easier to harvest more PI will reduce its value.

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when you run 50 or more planets, each click is precious

Get back to making my p2s. cracks whip

Do you mean the button that appears next to the “warp to” when you select the POCO? If it is that one, you can use it away from the planet at any time, just need to select the POCO.

The Access button only appears when you are close to the poco. What we are asking for is to have one we can click while we are in warp (having just clicked the warp to button)

Can still right click poco and select that way? Or just open before.

I’d just be happy if they let you select multiple factories to set their programs and output/input routes all at once.

You can click the planet from PI overview on your way there in warp. I am not sure why you would replace access button current function with whats proposed. The access is selected when you are in range of the POCO to remove items from it. Or add items to the POCO. It is not a planet access button. My 2c

yeah good luck on your change request, apparently judging my the industry window change you need to be running 100+ accounts to be able to voice for a change. lol

Just to clarify. when you undock and select a planet (POCO) you have 2 buttons, one is view, the other is warp to. Once you arrive at the POCO the access button appears. We are asking for the access button to appear in addition to the view and warp to buttons. this would allow moving items from one side to the other while warping there instead of having to right click, select custom office and then select access .
since the function button already exists we were hoping this would be a simple change to add it to the initial screen and avoid clicking through the context menu every time.
it saves time by allowing us to do this while warping.

Shift-Click to move all extractor heads as a collective.

The ability to save a pattern of extractor heads, similar to how we can save scan probes.

If you have customs office in your overview, you can click it and move your stuff from the launcher to the customs office from anywhere in the solar system. The access button is already there.

Edit: you can also hold the mouse button to open the customs office context menu and access it from there.

I am fully aware of how to use the menus to access the POCO/ my question is why (given that they added an access button to the interface) cant they put the same access button on the interface whether you are in proximity or not. why is this so hard to explain?
if I can undock, press a warp to button and go to the planet , then press the access button,
why shouldn’t I be able to press the access button once I undock? sometimes we don’t plan to pick u, only to move things
Instead we have to select , right click , choose customs office, then finally choose access.
CCP made an access button, all we are asking for is for it to be displayed upon undock in the interface

Because its a redundant button. Just tap the planet on your way to poco. We have plenty enough full screen buttons added recently. Just wanting to be proactive with my screen space. Otherwise great idea.

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wow, even a positive suggestion has to have negative posts. such is EVE lately. The button is NOT redundant, it already exists. it just doesn’t show up until you land.
maybe you don’t run 50 or more planets so a few extra clicks means nothing to you. No one is asking for something new or extra, just make the button visible upon undock instead of after you land at a POCO

This function was discussed with CCP devs at EVE Las Vegas 2 years ago and the result was the ACCESS button being added. unfortunately, it wasn’t as expected. The changes to the PI interface were done after someone finally realized how click intensive PI was. It was a reasonable response to a reasonable suggestion.
I just don’t understand the resistance

You can, what you are asking is already implemented.

perhaps we are playing different games. when I undock with the planet interface up, and choose a planet/poco, my only choices are VIEW and WARP TO.

Perhaps indeed… here’s a pic of the ‘button’ that already exists that every one else is referring to:

And here’s a pic of me accessing a customs office from the safety of a citadel:

Because like everything else within that panel the buttons are active/inactive based on proximity to the selected object, would be my guess.

Why, given you already know how to use the menus, can’t you simply do this?

If on the other hand you’re referring to these ‘warp/view’ buttons:


It’s because you’ve only selected the planet, not the customs office, and you can’t access a planet, only a customs office.

Simples… sorta.


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thank you for the illustration that clearly shows ONLY the view and warp to buttons. this is the spot we want the ACCESS button to show (which currently only shows up when you land near the POCO)
by now everyone in EVE knows about the context menu options of select, click, select ,click, etc.

again, all we asked for was to have the ACCESS (single click) button that CCP put on the interface, to show at undock.

You say this, but it sounds like you’re clicking waaaay too much. It’s only two ‘clicks’, one (right-click) on the planet, move the mouse a bit (to highlight ‘customs office’), and one final one (left-click) on the ‘access customs office’ selection.

Why do you feel this is so much more difficult than the two clicks you’d need to select planet, then click the button… moving the mouse isn’t that difficult, surely?