A little help for PI

THe request
upon undock add the “access” button to the PI interface.

the access button that appears when you land near the POCO already exists, however, much of the time we don’t actually warp to the POCO to do a pickup or drop off. Many times we simply want to move materials from one side to the other. currently , upon undock the vew and wapr to buttons appear. This request is to have the access button also appear at that time.

note: even when we are warping to the POCO it would be hlelpful to have the access button available to start moving materials while we are in warp.

and yes, I am fully awayre that context mendus exist to do all of this with multiple clicks. but given that the access button has already been coded into the interface , why not make it more useful?


not quite sure what you mean. You can access the POCO as soon as you are undocked by using an overview tab which shows them, clicking the POCO and there is your access button.

I always prepare all my PI either tethered or cloaked at a safe and then just do a fly-by to transfer stuff in and out while aligning.


yes , you can access the POCO using a couple of tools that let you select, choose custom office and then choose access. however, there is an access button ono the planetary interaction window that only appears when you land at the POCO. all I am suggesting is that the button appear upon undock and selection of a planet. fewer steps involved and the coding for it has already been done. it would be another way to reduce the amount of clicking it takes to do PI

There is also a option you can select from the “tree menu”.
You can go into your colonies while you are still in station.
You can move goods on the planet but you cant send them to or from space.

Make a suggestion in the Little Things thread. You won’t get any input to CCP here.

I wish PI was in a window and you could control your ship from it!

there is a button in the industry menu

you can move that button to toolbar

you dont need to undock

little suggestion is kinda “try to login to game”