POCO missing from rightclick menu on PI window

I can no longer rightclick the planet to view the POCO’s contents while undocked in the system.

I now need to fly to the POCO, check the contents of the poco, and hope theres materials there to send to the surface. If not, then i fly back to the station, pick up materials, fly back to the POCO to drop them off.

I used to be able to just undock and then view the contents. So i know if i need to haul materials out there or not. I used to be able to transfer materials to/from the POCO/Surface without flying to the POCO itself.



You don’t even need to do undock to check contents.

If you open planetary production window in station you will see material snext to little icons - where the materials are shown next to a 3D-cube looking icon, that is stuff that’s in storage.
materials shown next to a cog-looking icon are what you’re producing, and materials next to a half circle with an arrow pointing upward are what you’re extracting.

However, the customs office disappearing from the right click menu is a nightmare - you can still do it by right clicking the poco in space so as a work-around I’ve made a special PI overview tab, but this still involves double-checking you’ve selected the POCO you meant to from the Planetary production window against what you select on the overview - it’s definitely a retrograde step from how it worked yesterday.

I can’t believe some dev spend time to remove the poco warp to and access from the right click menu
PI is hard enough

After dock/undock they appear once but second right click will not show them. And I can’t see other players colonies. I’m sure about that because I can’t see my colonies by my alt.
It would be nice to see tax rates in Agency or in planet’s info window.

The way I do my PI is once every 4 days I launch out citadel , stay tethered and move planet - poco ,poco-planet, then once every 10-14 days I fly between planets moving PI and feeding emptying factories.

Not being able to remotely access pocos or being able to right/click “warp to” is going to add a huge amount more grind to an already horrible grind.

I certainly hope this is bug thats going to be remedied soon and not a “feature” .

This is going to cause a lot of tears in the coming WH “event”

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