I seem to be losing resources when moving them from poco's to launchpad

So I nee to fill up my launchpad with resource. I drag said resource from poco to launchpad. I hit enter, and all of a sudden the stuff is not there.

It seems i keep losing more and more resources this way. My factories are not empty(if they were then my launchpad would be empty also and when i check PI screen the factories would had just started)

anyone else having similar probs. I have done a bug report

Do you have more than one launchpad?

You may have factories taking some of the materials into them, but not having all the materials needed to start.
So there’s no change to their animations but some of the landed materials will appear to disappear.

The only way to check is click on the factory and see what is filled in the input icons on it.


Not on this toon, but I have had at random times lost PI material doing exactly what you are saying. It is a very random glitch and I just kept going the few times it happen. I never worried enough to go back and check though. You know how sometimes you move inventory and then it is gone and takes a while to update, maybe something of that nature. Maybe that material was moved where it was supposed to be and I didn’t notice. It doesn’t happen often enough and is too random to make an official report. But maybe something to watch for.

And @Terak_Romaller is correct, if you have the factory linked up, depending on your set up, if the factory is empty it takes 80 units of raw to fill the factory. For example, if you had three factories making the same P1 item, and in the Customs Office dragged and transferred 240 units, and clicked transferred it would disappear immediately. That would be something to look for especially in mass production of something like robotics where you can have a lot of factories feeding on one launchpad.



well they finally got back to me, seems like it’s a bug. Submitted bug report.

now to some of your questions.

no i do not have more than one launchpad
no, all factories are full and/or currently working/producing water. and i have Launchpad and a storage that has the resources in them

Only 15 days later :joy:

ok, so I was having the same, issue…until I realised that one has to warp to where the launch took place to pick up the goods from space.
If you open your PI windows, so you have your planets, and select the tab called Launches - you can right click on each launch time and date and warp to them and pick them up, as you would loot from a wreck.

Now, be aware that launched commodities only remain in space for 5 days, after which they will be lost.

Hope this helps.

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