PI: Goods disappear after moving from Pad to POCO?

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m exporting goods from a launchpad to a POCO. I move say, 100 units, the move fails, and the game says something like, ‘Oops, sorry, only 82 units are available’. Wtf? There are clearly 100 units before the move to the POCO. This has happened several times.
I do completely fill my silos and pads with PI and then route the end product back to them. If a silo/pad is full when a unit is sent there, would that account for this ‘bug’? Maybe the game is keeping track of the end products when the container is full, but then correcting for the real count later?

Sounds more like you need to do some scanning and remove some jerk’s siphon setup.

If the end location is full when a product is routed it is destroyed. Basically its dumped on the side of the road and lost. I’m not entirely sure I understood what you were saying.

I know you could siphon moon POS’es . When could you start to siphon PI materials? How does this work?

Is the commodity being exported an “end product” - only routed to the launchpad or is it an “intermediate product” - also routed from the launchpad for further processing?

I ask because it’s unusual to specify an amount for end products - normally you export all of it. For intermediate products, the game could be drawing inventory at the same time you are trying to export it and there is always going to be some delay between what’s happening on the server and what you see in the client.

Yes, the commodity is an end product, and is routed nowhere else. I always export the full amount, I was just using the numbers as an example.

I have not heard of this. Is it possible?

I was just trying to figure out what was going on. So say I have 3 pads. I fill them all to 10k m3 to get max running time, and hope that the game will route the end product to pads with space (after some PI has been used making the product). I’m not sure if this is the case, and was conjecturing that maybe the end product gets counted and dumped in this case, which would account for the ‘bug’.

If you are producing P4 the volume can increase. P1, P2 and P3 all take less volume than their inputs which is why routing everything through the launchpad works. I used to have a complex setup making the PI for MTUs but it was a lot of work so I simplified and currently make robotics and guidance systems for drones. I’ve never packed my launchpads and have never encountered an unexpected loss of material.

Mobile Siphon Units only ever stole material from POS moon harvesters and simple reactors. I don’t think they have any function currently and they never had any role in PI.

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It will only route end product to the pad you tell it to route to.

If that pad is full the end product is wasted.

Maybe is a bug in a DST fleet Do u have problems in a DST seeing the content off a POCO ?

I should have said, ‘Hope the game takes PI from the full silos/pads, since you can route supply PI from more than one location’.

Not using a DST.

Ok, in the patst was a recurrent problem in DST,

good luck.

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