PI - issues transferring from launchpad to POCO (a case of inventory refresh in a setup with storage facilities?)

I’m incurring in repeating issues when transferring materials from a launchpad to POCO, essentially material is “disappearing” from the launchpad when the transfer is committed.
This may result in either a failed transfer, if the disappearing material is being transferred, or the material present in the launchpad being less then before.

The issue occurs on a planet that uses both a launchpad and storage facilities (specifically 3 of them), it is a processing planet with just a bunch of processors. The storage facilities and the launchpad are used for storing (wow, that’s smart!) raw materials, and the finished products are committed from the processors to the launchpad. There are feeding routes to the processors from most of the facilities and the launchpad, and some intermediate products are committed to one of the facilities and from there fed to the next processing stage. All this not (just) to brag about my awesome PI enterprise :wink:, but to point to what might be a cause of the issue.
Essentially there is a lot of redundant routes on this planets, so some precedence might occur (do I take the mats from here or there?).

When I commit a launchpad-POCO transfer, it seems a refresh of the launcher inventory occurs, and surprise, surprise, the inventory might change!

What I’ve noted is that in most cases, and this applies to the materials not being transferred, i.e. those left in the launchpad, the mats “reappear” in the facilities.
More concerning is when it is part of what is being transferred that disappears, in this case it is finished products that are only committed to the launchpad, and, not unexpectedly, they do not reappear in the facilities.
While for the not-being-transferred mats it might be that the total is conserved through the inventory refresh (I can’t confirm), obviously this is not the case for the transferred mats.


  1. the launchpad (and facilities) inventory is not reliable
  2. mats might or might not be lost with a refresh

Point 1 is a given fact from what I’m seeing.
For 2. I consider that maybe the first inventory was wrong, it reported more than was actually produced and mats were in the wrong places, then the refresh corrects it; or maybe it’s the other way around and there actually is a material loss caused by the refresh.
I have a mild confidence that it’s the former case, just a reporting quirk and not actual loss, because of the fact I have reasons to expect the raw mats to be in facilities with preference to the launchpad, but I can’t confirm and it’s suspect.

Whatever the case this should be corrected by CCP, at least to prevent a mob of outraged PI-ers (note: they will be convinced that CCP is part of a conspiracy with the POCO-owner empires to rob them of their materials, because everybody has fakenews so we EVE players deserve our good share of them!) assaulting Iceland, which is a good enough motivation, although You might make a case that PI-ers tend not to be particularly proactive, according to their natural attitude, and therefore they constitute a limited risk.

Jokes aside, do You have similar experiences?


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