Disappearing PI Product

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen to them? Occasionally when dragging completed PI from the planet to a POCO, the game will give an error message and the move will fail. When I check the launchpad again, there are suddenly fewer of the product available than there were before. For example, there seem to be 72 Wetware Mainframe available on a launchpad. I drag them to a POCO, the move fails (with something like, ‘Sorry, x is not available’), and when I check the launchpad again, only 68 are available. Weird.
Rarely, I will drag a product and the opposite will happen. I drag 72 of the product, and then one or two more appear (and it’s not because the cycle just completed because there are often more than one). Anyone had this experience?

iirc its a bug, you only really had 72 in the first place, thats why the move failed.

My guess is that the game tried to put the finished goods in the launchpad before removing the raw material for the next cycle and didn’t have room - in which case the finished good is discarded. I encountered that problem back when I was learning PI and vaguely recall a discrepancy in the count. Could be that the game tracks quantity produced rather than quantity stored until you actually try to move it.

Going the other way, my guess is the finished good can be stored in an idle processor until there is room for it in the launchpad. It won’t be discarded unless the processor starts a new cycle.

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