PI and POCO transfers

Anyone else having problems moving PI products from the POCO to their ships?

Yes I am close enough, yes I am looking at the correct POCO. I have been doing PI for a little while, but for the last few weeks it is now almost impossible to move stuff from the POCO to my ship. Sometimes it works after a couple of attempts, other times it just doesn’t work at all.

No, not had any problems at all, sorry

No problem for me.

It might be a problem with lag.

I started PI just recently, since then I never had problems. You have to be at least 2500m or nearer to the POCO. When I warp to a POCO directly (“0 km”), my Epithal bounces off the structure and flies away from the POCO in quite high speed. But when I prepare the launchpad before reaching the POCO (you just have to be in space, so at a safe spot in cloak you have much time to prepare your fetching tour), I have enough time to drag&drop the PI goods into the PI-cargo hold of the Epithal and warp to the next POCO after a few seconds.

Some wild guessing:

  • Distance under 2500m
  • You have to be sure to choose the right cargo bay.
  • The item transfer in the launchpad must be finished (i.e. the tax paid) before it can be accessed from space.
  • Perhaps your mouse click sensors are worn (which makes drag&drop or single clicks a torture).

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