Moving PI from POCO to ship

Anyone experienced problems moving PI materials from a POCO to your ship? It can take me anywhere from 1 to 20+ attempts for the game to acknowledge an attempt to drag PI materials between the two. I have no trouble moving anything else from/to ships. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never had a problem dragging from the POCO to my inventory.

Are you in-range of the POCO when you land? If not, it will probably cause you to slow-boat until you are close enough. You might look for a hard to see error message when you try to drag to your inventory.

Thanks for the comments. It’s not a range issue, as I’ve tried multiple ranges and it does randomly work after multiple tries.

“Multiple ranges” is vague and may not work. You gotta be 2000m or less from the POCO.

If you are that close to the POCO, you may be experiencing lag. Try dscan and see if it refreshes, if not you are lagging and it may take a while to the PI material go from POCO to you cargo hold.

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