POCO permissions

I have just logged in to do my regular PI updates to discover that I am no longer able to transfer goods from the POCOs to my ship. This has been the case in two systems with two characters (both NPC) so am wondering has there been a general reset to POCO access permissions or is it a case that the I have been unlucky that the two corps who own the POCOs have now denied access to outsiders?

You cannot deny access to pocos. The only thing you can do is increase the tax rate to 100%.

That’s interesting. Not sure what the problem is then, as it’s definitely not allowing me to transfer items from the POCO to my ship.

Are you sure that you have transferred the items to the poco?

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Yes. I am still doing what I have done since I started PI, but now it’s not letting me transfer items from the POCO to my ship.

I have never paid attention to the option “Allow Access with Standings” or how it is to be used. It looks like you can limit access by standings after all.

I ran into this yesterday. I believe it was a bug. I closed the POCO interface, reopened it and I was able to transfer the items. I figured it was just a glitch in my client, but it’s interesting that somebody else ran into this too.

I’ve tried closing and re-opening the POCO interface, and the same with my ship hold interface, but I am still struggling to make a successful transfer. Think a support ticket needs to be raised with CCP.

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