Custom Office - Contract PI

I would like to have the ability to contract PI to another pilot from a custom office.


I’ll ask about it.


Did you manage to ask? Is it possible to implement this?

I asked - they are aware of the request.

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tell what kind of contract , ill tell you how it could be abused … :stuck_out_tongue:

please tell us , Buggs!
ok how about the resulting infinate storage hack .
fill the customs office with product , and contract it to an alt . the pi goes into contract limbo , and the customs office is emptied .
repeat .
when you’re ready to haul , pull up in a frieghter . cancel the contracts one at a time . the pi appears back in the customs office , and you transfer it to the frieghter.
repeat .
grats you now only have to haul every couple months . brilliant !
of course you might miss-click and cancel two contracts , impossibly overloading the customs office .
simply file a petition, and it’s ccp’s problem …
go team !!

I personally would prefer that the guy doing the PI would be forced to haul the stuff to the local NPC station to do that. In fact, I’m not a fan of the whole ability to pick up material without even getting on grid even without the ability to give stuff to an alt. But one thing I do like about the current system is a hauler never needs to leave an area of the sentry guns (in Empire Space).

I would advise against it. It will further remove PvP options because people no longer need to fly to their POCO once their storage volume fills up, where they could be catched by another player. It encourages even more remote/afk alt-char gameplay.

Instead they will just contract it to someone else (most likely their own hauler alt or a corporation hauler), clearing their POCO volume and keep producing. That other character could have multiple contracts pending from different “sender-accounts” and just waiting for one good moment where the local is empty or he has a big support fleet available and then collect everything in one run with a freighter (or even JF with a safety-cyno to instantly jump should someone enter the local), by accepting one contract after another. Outsiders would have realistically zero chance to disrupt the POCO clearance, since nobody can camp a system 24/7 over longer time periods. The POCO owners would just need 5 clear minutes to collect the PI stuff from basically unlimited accounts and weeks. And anyone should be able to see why that is a bad idea.