Proposal - Creation of PI Templates

Im sure this has been asked for, but ill reiterate. Its common knowledge people pretty much hate the set up of PI. Can we take the pain out a little please by allowing us to save PI build templates that we can just instantly replicate.

It can take some time building these, can be a little fiddly, can complex etc and having to do this many times is horrible. I appreciate CCP you want us to spend more time in game etc, but I am sure and I know for me personally I have actually stopped doing PI, and I hear many people I play with just wont do it because of how painful it is. Again I appreciate we are building industrial setups and it shouldnt be simple initially but after that lets make it easier.

Please help us out a little it would make a huge difference


can we also contract from POCOs please! it’d be very handy to simply contract my PI to another pilot who can then pick it up from the POCO instead of needing to have all my PI alts in the one system.

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According to one CSM member PI templates are coming courtesy of CCP Shanghai. No release date unfortunately.

CCP Shanghai works on EVE: Galaxy Conquest, a new mobile 4X game. Maybe they re-made PI UI interface and ported it into EVE Online?

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Nah, we already had this suggestion. It would lead to people just contracting all their PI stuff to a “dummy” char, clearing the POCO material hold. And as long as the dummy doesn’t accept the stuff, it basically takes no space at all. Then, when a full DST or even Freighter Load is ready, the Dummy Char only needs to wait for a single moment where the Local is clear or he has enough support from corp/alliance and accept one Contract after another, instantly transferring it to the ships cargo before accepting the next one. So instead of two dozen opportunities to catch someone at a POCO, you only have one. And if that one is planned with patience and/or support, the chances are close to zero that you can ever catch these.

PI is pretty lucrative if done correctly, no need to make it foolproof save to get the stuff from the POCO to a structure.

If it could be done similar to factorio

I would like to remind you that Vanguard will probably be able to attack and destroy PI setups (finally :slight_smile: ) in the foreseeable future. It’s inevitable…

So any QoL’s and making it easier to do PI will be must have if PI becomes super volatile… I see no reason POCO’s hangars could not be infiltrated and ransacked by Vanguards too :thinking:

Just saying :slight_smile:

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