PI changes?

(Captain Thunderwalker) #1

Will the PI change To be more in line with the rest of industry? Has CCP said anything on this topic?

I know the top 10%(no math done} of PI toons do very well with the current meta but most do not(myself included)
dont mean to bash on PI (ok maybe i do) But PI is the worst of eve jumbled up in to one area., and soon will be way out of sink with the rest of Eve.

What I would like to see done.
PI brought down to just having command center that gather P1 to be sent to customs office.
then P1 brought to station/citadales for further production within the production window.

Thank you for your time and flame on.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

In my honest opinion it works fine, it is a passive way of acquiring isk, with careful planning you can have 5 planets working to make P3, with 4 planets extracting and refining the base resources to P1, to the factory planet turning the P1 into P2 and then combine into P3. Every week or few days if you are iffy about depleting resources you simply delete the extractor heads, place them elsewhere and route the base materials, thats it, hard part was done long ago when setting up the planets.

It goes without needing to say that the better your skills the more you can make it happen, from the start it starts slow, and in my eyes bringing down PI to just having a command center will definitely kill the necessity of setting up because it will be “easy” to just toss a command center and ignore it.

PI perhaps could have some tweaks, but I am honestly against dumbing it down to more simple ways.

(Loutro Fift) #3

The only thing needing change is the endless clicking when setting up. Make the command center determine what item you want, not every bloody processor.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

Nah. That’s a horrible idea. I have factory planets that churn out several different materials. Why should I need an entirely seperate planet for each one when one planet will suffice?

(system) #5

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