I still believe PI Tier products should be allowed to be produced in a refinery

Refineries can be given greater role in eve, PI production is clickety click, click right now, for those that like it, keep it, but for those who want to less click let us bring our raw materials to a refinery, one click our desired product and then go out to the eve verse.

It would be up to dev’s to determine how fast refining products take, just wish PI wasn’t so clickety.

Since most ppl think of PI as PI. Planetary interaction vs Passive Income. And it’s just me, but I think Pi is fine as it is. So much isk for so little effort is nothing to complain about for me. A few extra clicks doesn’t bother me. CCP will probably nerf PI in the future. Be glad for what you have now.

It is refreshing to read a post without an attack, thank you.
I have been giving it a lot of thought and may have come up with a way to make it more interactive so that PI is no longer passive but active game play, something that will probably not go over well in the community but I think it will do one thing well, lower the amount of PI on the market if people have to actively do PI because many won’t want to, but it has the secondary effects of making mining and industrial play more meaningful and impactful while potentially raising the income of those who do it, PI prices will rise or fall depending upon players and not a simple matter of passive play and when others “feel” like importing stuff.