Finding some PI friends?

Hi, i would like to get in thougt with other heavy PI producers. Is there a section for this?

Hi, o7

I am not heavy into PI as some though I do enjoy PI to relax in New Eden. I am hoarding and will never share my PI materials other than that I don’t know how the market will turn with them but can discuss about it if that sparks an interest.

Hi nice to see other PI enthausiasts. I was heavely into P1 (water,oxygen,protein,bacteria) PI but with the last update the market prices plummeted and it is al of the sudden not really worth it anymore. is P2 profitable at? does it scale like P1?

Nothing I ever do is for profit as I am not invested into it enough though I use to make my own fuel I use to undock from Ragnarg IV - Moon 2 - Aliastra Warehouse and made t4 Nano-factory but true the price dropped and was run out of Minmatar space by Hog Hitmen back in YC121 (2019)

I am sure there are heavy PI players who can answer that profitable question or concern. My thinking is if it is fun just do it, if it gets painful doing it then stop as chasing the isk is not the way to play.

/ps. do you use fuzzwork . co . uk/pi/ at all?

i used adam4eve a while but with the P1 being so profitabe there was no need of using something that was very sophisticated.

You might want to check here:

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