Oh another thing - Big alliances - I can make 418 p4 Pi per day per planet

If any big alliances want to blast more pi out their bums than they know what to do with. I have all the tricks to maximize the productivity through the roof.

Just hit me up. I’ve been sitting on it for a year making isk hand over fist but have decided I’ll just focus on life stuff and EVE will probably just become some troll-la-la for me.

So…if any alliance wants the methodology hit me up.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

If you go through my past posts i’ve already screenshotted it.
I’m lazy. In fact I’m almost certain I wrote a huge thread on exactly how to do it.

This is basically it in a nutshell.
I modified it to look like this:

Notice the CPU load is maxed out. The way to move everything with no timers is predicated on how you unload the LP and destroy/rebuild the LP each time you’re stocking the silos.

Then you have to route the factories so that the silos don’t get too full to move everything into the LP.

Usually this means one check about mid-cycle to do a move that cools down before the job is finally done.

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I thought it would look a lot tighter than that as i know of a Russian who would spend upwards of 2 hours a planet in setting their layout up.

I’m not sure what you mean tighter?
It takes me maybe 15 minutes to change the factory settings (if changing product).

It takes about 5 minutes to load. I was doing these in Low-Sec under the noses of the local pirates and had to be fast enough not to get popped in my then Epi.

Later I joined their corp and just went DST for added security against adventurers.

Tighter meaning closer together to shorten the link distance to the control centre.

Oh, none of that is important. You cannot possibly get more added by tightening it further because of how much cost the CPU is per building.

You could stretch it out but there’s no point in trying to break your back on savings because one more building blows the CPU.

I have a set-up that absolutely demolishes P1-P2 production without the use of any meaningfull connections whatso ever.

Same principle, just move your silo/factories around like a locust swarm to wherever you’re extracting.

Basically the idea that things should be connected is stupid and wastes your time. You can just blow-up the cheap a$.s buildings and rebuild them anywhere on the planet. Obviously you need the token connection to move stuff but you don’t need to have a static base and keep everything near that base.

Just blow-it-up and relocate.

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Sadly I don’t seem to have a screenshot of my P1-P2 max-harvesting concept. But that’s all it is. You go to a hot node. Build buildings there and suck it dry.
First you pump full a bunch of silos, then you detonate the Extractors, LP, etc. and build max-out factories and burn through your stockpile then build an LP and blast it all away.

Rinse and repeat.

No reason to keep buildings you aren’t using at max efficiency. Build a stockpile in your silos first. Fill them up from a local hotspot. Burn down the stock pile, Move the whole operation to the next hot spot.

I could mine out a Low-sec planet in under a day. Entirely. To where there were no hotspots left.

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Appreciate you for sharing those and I had saved them now to perhaps improve own setup.

Yup good luck.

If you want max profit. Don’t waste time with P1-P3 production. Just buy the mats and do P4. Value added is linear and there’s no cost savings to producing your own Pi unless you simply cannot get to Jita or other trade hubs to buy.

Does that make sense?

Basically. As long as you can get to the market, there is ZERO cost savings to producing your own materials.

But, to be honest the P4 market is pretty small. You can maybe run 3 of these planets continuously and last I checked profits were minimal I’m guessing because wars went into the dirt and nothing is expensive. (that was like 6 months ago).

So if you have to live off harvesting. Do the locust strategy on P1 to P3 products.

Basically pick planets that you can get all the inputs on the same planet…and just locust harvest everything you can until maxed out. Cram it into as many factories as possible. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

Then as you build your P2 stockpile. Cram it all into factories and burn that stock pile down.

If needed…offload your P2 to the Customs then re-import it. Dependent upon taxes and efficiency of the planet (if you’re able to make a ton of Pi versus a little).

That way you’re basically avoiding having to travel and transport Pi (risk) until it’s maxed out on volume/value.

Because Pi4 market is so small…that’s why i always day dreamed of sharing this with the broader alliances.

They are the ones who need the most Pi and frankly…they probably could benefit from expert Pi manufacturers. But I could never get the connections to do it more thoroughly.

Hmm…■■■■ it I got an idea.

Well I am still on Interplanetary Consolidation Command Center Upgrades level 4 and had not yet committed the 20+ days each to get to level 5

Question though the Import and export tax, how do you manage those? Do you have your own Customs Office?

I’m almost certain I’m only CCIV as well. the CCV doesn’t seem worth it. A few extra factories won’t make a huge dent in the p4

No, when I was in Low Sec I found 5% tax customs offices.

Setup last July I had made Fuel blocks and then Construction blocks to produce Skiff’s
This pilot has one planet setup like this;

Using alts to supply materials though would open up tier 4 again maybe as in the past I had produced Nano-factories when they were selling for around 1mill isk ea.

Since I almost exclusively made P4 from purchased inputs I no longer know the numbers.

I was making somewhere between 70mil to 150mil isk profit per planet per day off relatively no work.

If that gives you a ball park.

As far as a factory goes this was about as most I could get for P2-P3 setup. I seem to recall I had some of these for robotics back when robos were profitable from purchased inputs.

Those were also churning about 15mil a day? I don’t recall well.

The problem would always be supplying these. I found it was better to focus exclusively on harvesting P1-P2 or factory P-3 to P4.

You’re always going to need inputs if you do it yourself or even a few corp mates.

So I maxed out on P3 factories and had 4x P4s.

Good post, a few points though

In your first image I cannot read the blue or green text as it is lost in the background.

Have you considered doing a video on exactly what you do? I think they may help pulling all your info together.

And to clarify…

You seem to indicate that you buy the inputs, but then you speak about local hotspots. Do you extract some (from the hotspots) and import the rest from purchases?

How are you getting 418 p4 a day? Thats only 14 factories that’s max 336 a day?

i know 20 days late replying, but i recently lost my glasses, and i can read the blue/green text just fine lol.