Pi P4 Titan - how to make ~418units of P4 per planet in 30 hours

Go … go forth and destroy the Pi market for me.

Ok, I’m basically never going back to Pi, so I think it’s fine to just throw out there how I was making 418 units of P4 per planet per “day” (30 hours roughly).

The secret was I only used one launch pad. I would load the launch pad fully, and then move it to a silo. Because you can only transfer from a Silo once in a reasonable amount of time…I mapped out what exact amounts to move. It’s pretty basic (easy) so that everything was done in a very short amount of time.

I would destroy the Launch Pad, place another, and repeat the process until all the Silos (3 of them) and the final Launch Pad were full.

This distribution allowed for 14 Advanced Factories to output into each silo/LP correctly so that I could move the P4 once from each silo since obviously a cooldown would delay any process.

The factory looks like this, each processor is tied to its respective Silo.

The basics of the round-robin loading of product. The numbers represent units of each input, so you just moved that many units of your 3 inputs from LP to Storage 1…from Storage 1 to storage 2, and so on.

This way you can fill each storage/LP to the appropriate amount which is all pretty basic.

  • 552 units were moved from LP to storage 1
  • 552 from 2nd LP to Storage 2
  • 552 from 3rd LP to storage 3
  • 114 from Storage 2 to Storage 1 = 666 units for Storage 1 (full as you should get it…)
  • leaves you with 448 in storage 2 to confirm your transfer was correct
  • Move 228 from storage 3 to storage 2, 438 + 228 = You guessed it…666

So anyway, that’s the nutshell of moving the Pi-input units around so you get the storage right.

The profit of each planet ranged from 70mil to 140mil depending on Jita prices…I always bought direct (no Buy Orders) for consistent supply.

It was about turnover, not profit margin.

One Orca hauler could operate 2 Planets. A DST could equal an Epithal in storage so was good for secure point-to-point hauls, last “leg” of the haul.

An hour of hauling and your day’s profits would be about 200mil-400mil or so depending on how well the market held-up.

I’d say about 3 or 4 production cycles would depress any P4 market, you wouldn’t be able to move that much product so it was a matter of just switching from one production line to another like a locust to spread the load.

Go … go forth and destroy the Pi market for me.

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Thats a lot of effort for not a lot of income.


You don’t know what the fyck you’re talking about.

This is probably the maximum profit you can make from Pi, it’s minimal effort, and it produces more P4 than anyone else can period. By a factor of 10.

So you just buy p3 and feed p4 factories?

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Yes, super simple, the profits are as I stated. Which is why I say this can DESTROY the Pi market…

There’s no way the ENTIRE P0->P3 production of EVE can sustain even a few of my P4 factories at Jita market…

Maybe the P4 mega factory would be more useful for Null/Wormhole markets where they have their own supply chain, but I found running 3 to 4 such P4-Mega Factories incredibly difficult to sustain with ALL the inputs consumed from Jita.


Jita’s Pi market is WAY TOO SMALL for this factory set-up.

And the work, when you know what you’re doing, is very very minimal, it only appears to be complex because of how you shuffle items through the Silos. But it’s all very basic, takes like 5 minutes when you understand the numbers.

As an example, 1planet of Self-Harmonizing Power Cores would = half the total Active Trading for SHPCs in just a week.

One planet, one week, and you’d basically increase the amount of traded SHPCs by 150%…

When I was making P4, it was very hard to move that much product more than a few days worth of production from one planet.

Hence I did a kind of Locust strategy.

Well I simulated those in https://www.adam4eve.eu/pi_chain.php?pi1=&hub=60003760&pi2=&sell=buy&pi3=&buy=sell&pi4=2876&avg=0 and ended up with a big loss per factory, maybe I did something wrong

I haven’t done Pi in many many months, so I won’t retrace specific P4. There usually were 3 or 4 good P4’s to choose from, and it slid around a bit.

IRDs, SPHCs, Nano-factories.

Those were some strong go-tos earlier this year.

Now…who knows, BUT while the markets may have depressed, the mega-factory works, so you’re able to get ~418xP4 out of them.

I imagine there are still some very good P4 deals there with just straight-Jita-bought Inputs.

Oh and lastly…I have my own spreadsheets, things like Fuzzworks and Adam4Pi or whatever that one was…they were good for making sure your units/m3 were correct.

But their profits were often way off, best to build your own calculator.

This was my last IRD run.
136Billion in profit (1 planet) if I got inputs from certain locations.
430Billion in profit if I sourced my own inputs (p2 to p3).

I have one Omega so I have ~18 planets to use for factories. So sourcing P2 to P3 sometimes DOES make sense…

These numbers are outdated by … 6 months or so.

FYI I realize the lines for “total cost” and “total return” don’t line up well. I eye-balled a lot, shift it down by one.

What you’re seeing there is a top-yellow return from Jita direct-buys and Jita sells…
And a bottom return with a different tax bracket, Perimeter Buy orders and Jita Sells.

Things like that…The three greens, well the top-green shows that buying everything direct from Jita was -87million in profit.

So in the Run it looks like I did a hybrid, and did my own Gel-Mat and Hazmat production line…which is recorded below this in its own calculator.

Since the calculators were generic, for me I just needed to copy paste to check my runs. Took ~15min to do all that…because I didn’t trust the Fuzzworks and Adam4Eve sites…

Safria, I was curious so it took me 2 minutes to pull all the numbers and generate this in my calculator. It does look like you’ll lose (-1million) or so per planet at current prices for Wetware Mainframes.

To be honest, even over the last year I never did a WMF run, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it profitable.

Now, alternatively, if you need 418+ units really fast, this might be useful in other ways…not everything is about Jita profit. I can’t determine if you need to sell in Null, or for an Alliance, etc. Which all changes the calculus of course.

@Alistair_Atreides is the market virtuoso
the isk prodigy
the 900% profit margin guy
i dont know the ■■■■ he is talking about
but its sure cash

also ill not do it … ill probably sleep before underst ZZZZZZZZZZZZ :sleeping:

You can do whatever you want, boob, the game is vast.

sure sure … sry i was taking a nap

I do abyssal PI.

You have to use a special fit to get the command center into your Gila’s cargo bay. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right filament when it is time to update your extractions.

This is certainly out of my scope. I recognize there’s a niche where P0->P1 makes sense…but as you’ve noted, you have to control it and get to it…

The P4-mega factory is still most innovative of its kind. NOWHERE have I found anyone who has articulated how to produce so much P4 so fast…

Most people try to go for the single-planet all-in-one P2->P4 production chain for maximum “profit” on the output, but what they are really doing is knee capping their volume since there is NO value added in the Pi market.

If you can mass produce P0->P2 in an abyssal, that’s probably best…followed by any number of arrangements of P3 or P4 factories.

I found Robotics to be very profitable too.

Yeah it’s almost like most people have the sense not to post exploit-y, market destroying concepts in general forums. You, on the other hand, seem to have this obsessive need to keep posting “Look what I can do!” threads in General.

Even when those threads turn out to be greatly in error or just plain silly, you keep doing it. Oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess. Certainly no worse than a bunch of the other threads we see regularly, and it keeps the trolls busy.


Hey mate.

I remember when you made a thread just as you were getting into PI. Glad you got something up and running. Looks good.

You’re dumb, bye now :wink:

I kept this a secret for over a year, over 6 months after abandoning Pi, since there’s more money in market trading when you are rich enough.

the transfer speed is based around levelling up your connections, have a decent level connection and you can transfer fine

No but seriously dude, you keep doing this:

And somehow coming to the conclusion that you’re the only guy in the history of EVE who’s figured something out. Even though, just like you, many other people have done it, gotten bored with it, and moved on to other and better things. Not everyone has the need to brag about imaginary space-pixel schemes that you do.

However, carry on, I’m sure someone will find it entertaining. And when all’s said and done, that’s what people are here for.