250mil a day. How many planets?

Like most things it depends, but how many planets are probably needed to earn 250mil a day?

400ish, but then you’ll saturate the market

I cant tell what you’re getting at.

The pi market is way bigger than 250million isk a day.

40 then. lmao

Nobody wants to tell you.

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When you get into those numbers of planets you’ll want to run extraction all the way to p4, unless you’re setup to make every p4 in small quantities you will quickly saturate the market in a few items. Check the volumes of p4s, not all that high. I’m also assuming you mean WH or Nul b/c in HS the planets are trash (LS not much better) and the taxes are too high, you’d need 1000 or more to make the profit you’re looking for. PI is not a real nice way to make a large income, its really only good for supplemental.

I’m about to push 300mil a day for under 2 hours of effort. Most of the time today was inefficiency in decision making and the long haul (seeking maximum deals).

As I increase margin trading and plan longer for buy orders I can probably shave that in half. And since by orders are competitive with other trade hubs I’m pretty sure I can get this sustainable under 1 hour a day or more realistically, 1 to 1.5 hours but every other day.

That’s just running 7 planets…

Scaling to all my planets would only add time in the haulage…a problem eventually solved by probably contracting to PushX and building stockpiles of inputs.

The actual loading of planets takes only 15minutes or so.

So far I’ve found extremely resilient pi-markets to work with.

Robotics though, strangely collapsed in my wake as I graduated to full P4 production lines on mass scale.

I currently make about 900 p4 per day.

Regarding robotics thats an interesting case.

I was heavily invested in Robotics and pushed through the collapse by adding a consumer electronics factory…

But that’s scaled to fuel blocks…

I love making fuel blocks and that’s a good way to burn off some good pi such as coolant or now the excess stockpiles of Robotics.

That market became distorted but don’t know why. At first Robotics spiked in price so every probably piled on to make them or sell stock piles. But the inputs got bought out driving their prices way too high. Consumer electronics is insanely over values at 13000. And robotics in Jita was trading just 1 cent above buy order price.


I regard this similar to speed running games.

There must be practical limits to Pi. And one hour effort in 1 day increments per single account seems a good measurement to go by.

And I think 250mil to 300mil a day is starting to push those limits.

But I’ve been working out the systems and methods to get it done.

I just had an innovation the other day to burn off excess stockpile that was spilling p3 out put into a 36 hour window so I brought that in line with a 24 hour window.

Improvements like those, and record keeping (which when solved takes little effort)…really shaves the time down to just haulage.

In Nullsec I was averaging 2000 units of P2 per colony per week. In highsec roughly half that. Your choice whether you go beyond P2 - most of the time you are adding little if any value if you’re selling to buy orders. If you’re using the P3/P4 in your own manufacturing operation, it’s another story.

The numbers will also change based on what you make. Transmitters are worth about 10K ISK. 1 account with 18 Nullsec colonies X 2000 units per week X $10K works out to 360 million. You’ll need 4 accounts - 72 planets to hit your target.

At that level, it will not be passive income - you’ll spend a lot of time managing your colonies. You’ll also need an economical way to get your product to market. That’s why I started making T2 drones - you compress 60M3 of P2 into 36M3 of P3 into a 10M3 drone and add value at the same time! This matters if the JF service is charging by the M3.

I agree fully. The ONLY value added is the scale. I can earn much more by factories making P4 ONLY because of scale…not because of some increase in profitability. The margins are about the same, or often a bit less than P3.

You’ve posted a lot about PI and setups yourself, I am surprised hat you are not the one giving the answer to be honest.

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I can only see the Pi I’m doing, so I can’t directly compare it to other expectations.

I like to gather information about what are good baselines to achieve. It still seems my method achieves the most, I think it’s a little more work than I’d like and that that can be improved…

Harvesting/extraction has its advantages in less hands-on aspects.

But I want to compare how much more there is to earn from factories versus extraction, for instance.

for only 7 planets??
Something about that figure isnt right…

Check out buy orders for P4 in Jita/Perimeter - they are insane! There are sell orders for less a few jumps away. Tells me the Nullsec blocks are building a lot of Structures. Not surprising given the mineral distribution changes - they’ll need a lot more refineries.

The question, as always, is this sustainable? The answer, I don’t know, but can’t fault @Alistair_Atreides for making hay while the sun shines!

with only 7 planets your mking 7.5 bil a month?

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6 high-tech processors making 24 units of P4/day x 7 planets = 1008 units of P4/day. If the average selling price is 2 million, you need 15% net margin to clear 300 million/day.

Fuzzworks tells me that the few P4 commodities that are profitable have margins in the 3%-5% range which barely covers sales tax so I don’t know how it works and don’t particularly care - the setup I have works fine for me.

so what is that net?

I don’t sell my PI - I build it into T2 modules and drones. Net income depends on how you calculate costs. The movie CCP sent me yesterday shows last years PI harvest:

How much did you import though? O_O

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I make over 800 P4 per day from 2 planets. The other 5 planets are making inputs that are hard to come by (it’s not that their prices are too high, it’s mostly that they simply aren’t in the quantities needed).

I’ve said for a while I figured out a way to build p4 megafactories (it’s a problem of design and a little out of the box thinking solves the problem), but I’m not too keen to share just how yet…and most people don’t seem interested in my methods anyway.