What is your Pi profit?

I’m currently making 108million/day profit from 8 planets.

I haven’t spun up all my planets yet on my Omega.

I’d like to chat about what profits are. Not to swing dongs but to measure expectations, and set goals.

And talk about improvements.



Are you the guy who made the cute thread about how you were the best at PI recently?

EDIT: Oh, you are! Hello, how I know I'm the best at Pi


Found the first person who is quietly annoyed with my margins versus theirs lol.

Oh, I’m afraid you are quite mistaken there, high rolla. lol

I dont think so.

I’m very aware of yields so unless you’re just running my set ups with more planets you’re confusing net return with return on investment.

My figures should be enough to figure it out.

Take whatever your profit is. Divide by your total planets. Times by 8. Then share.

Oh and be sure to do after tax.

I am burning, simply burning, with jealousy.

You are indeed the best.


I cant see it from the orbit, but must be huuuuge.

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Your unwillingness to participate is just boring.

I am unsure actually as some of the P2 I make I sell back to corp, other planets i have single planet P2 set up on and the others use the P2 in T2 ammo. I suspect it isnt 108m a day though, in fact i know it isnt that.

I ve finally finished setting up 20 extracting planets and 3 p3-p4 planets. I am making organic.mortar applicators at 96 piece a day. In total 5 toons running PI. I spend around an hour a day resetting and adjusting.

So long as you can sustain the pulls long term, post with confidence. Initial pull (first 2 weeks) is always like uncorking a nice new bottle.

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Only peasants work for their ISK.

By the way, this is the first thread of yours (I think) where it doesn’t actually appear you’re just trying to be bragging. I like that. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried doing PI once. The old PI. Set up my planets, set the timers, blabla, whatever it was. I barely remember. Then I never went back, because it’s literally work.

Anyhow …

Is this actually a lot?
How much work is this, in terms of h/day?

Maybe the real goal should be to present how much time is invested per month for the actual outcome of Isk that is noted. That’s where the real gold is, imo. The time saving setups.

Most people in eve have to “work” for their ISK dont they, be it Missioning, Mining, Industry, PI etc, all involve elements of work. PI is boring ill admit with all the clicks etc but it is semi passive.

There’s time saving setups?

I don’t disagree with this at all, but that doesn’t really make it any better. You log in, do things to get money, then you log off. It’s like waking up, going to work, getting home and going to sleep again.

PI is pretty much the worst of all activities, because it resembles actual work the most. Everything else at least offers some form of gameplay one might be able to enjoy.

I’m guilty of working in this game myself. In the past I’ve spent hours sitting at the Deltole FON Station salvaging blue wrecks and looting them after others shot the NPCs down and blue’d the wrecks. That was work too, holy ■■■■, but at least it was in a social environment where I could talk to people all day.

Not sure that makes it better … well, at least better than PI.

I disagree. Many activities demand a certain amount of attention and interaction, unless you throw caution to the wind with afk passive activities in dangerous space. Discounting those, as far as actively managing PI, it is a very fast gig and requires a very small percentage of your attention. It can become so martial that the task nearly completes itself by rote and you can maintain full comprehension on a secondary audible input, like an audio book, the news, or some music.

Once the setups are complete, maintenance is such a low footprint of invested time. Even with the occasional relocation of a p0->p1 setup. This, after practice, takes less than 6 minutes per planet, breakdown to fully linked, routed and pulling. The frequency of relocating varies by resource and planet. You can go months without having to.

Exporting and importing p1->p2 factory planet takes like 30 seconds. 1 minute for multi output p1->p3 (two p3 products). This would be much shorter if i could undock faster. This almost every day.

The routine refill and exports takes about 45 minutes, half of that transit between planets. Could possibly be reduced with hyperspatials, but not by much. Nothing will do it faster than an Epithal. This maybe every 3-4 days.

Then you have moving things to sell. My alliance was able to purchase where I was operating. So no hauling and 1% tax.


The thing I am finding a pain is the hauling so yes that bit feels like work especially as I am in WH Space. But my corp does need stuff too so I may just re-route all i do to that. But then they go by Jita buy price which may or may not work out worse for me.

If you’re getting Jita buy price, that’s not a bad deal. I used to dump things on alliance for 15-20% discount on buy price.

Thank you for your awesome and insightful post!

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I have literally no idea how it works. Its all buttons attached to strings to me.